Great Jack Bruce Albums,which ones?

I ran into a Jack Bruce CD at the Library the other day,I check it out because I was so impressed with the 2005 Cream CD and DVD that I couldn't resist.

Well well well... Totally cool,this album is. Released in 2003
Titled "More Jack than G*D"

It's wonderful and the recording is first class,like many Brit recordings are.

If anyone here knows other great recordings by Jack please share them with us.

Jack Bruce Band live. 2 cd.
Cities of the Heart(2-CD Live)
start with the first fave is 'out of the storm'...all are interesting
Jack Bruce- Songs For A Tailor
Hi, Also check out BBM "Around The Next Dream" which stands for Bruce (Jack), Baker(Ginger) and Moore(Gary). Great Album! Sounds a lot like Cream!
Songs For A Taylor

(the single song that tears me apart, however, is Folk Song from the album Harmony Row, endlessly sad and achingly beautiful...)

Also: Live at the BBC (go for the triple CD release), and for something completely different, check out the very recent album HR Big Band Featuring Jack Bruce
Although not a solo record, last years 'Seven Moons' with Robin Trower is a goodie.
He is a unique musician with masterful vision in my opinion and has always been a musician's musician...I enjoy everything with him - from Graham Bond to Seven Moons which I have been listening to quite a lot since it came out. Cream is one of my top three fave bands ever. So, of course I agree with all recommendations made...these are the best sounding I know of...

Songs for a tailor (debut album) Original UK press on Polydor

Shadows in the air (DVD-A)

wow!!! this guy is such a great find!!
Get "Shadows in the air"

Listen to track 9 "Dancing on air"

what a musician........

most of the album is top shelf,NOT an Album that smittens you right away,I didnt like it when I got it..

The problem was not the CD,it was me..Its growing on me more and more. You know thats the mark of a great record!

complex in the best way!!!!

Now that I'm older, if I sniff great talent, I go back to try and gain an ear to it,if you will, for it.. YEP this is a goodie

Highly recommend,OH BTW hifi friendly,stunning recording.

It will separate the mens from the boys systems for sure.

I want my own radio station dang it,I would play some great stuff............. no MCrecords,only the real stuff,
Jazz and electric blues,some rock.. Im sorry,i'll stop..

Enjoy your great hifi!
Sorry for my chardonnay fueled, jubilational outbursts... still a great album.

Any of the albums with Robin Trower are excellent. Phil Brady.
Check out B.L.T. from 1981 - an album with Robin Trower, Jack Bruce and for the life of me can't remember who the L stands for. Very good album and recorded very well - on vinyl at least.
Could the "L" in B.L.T. stand for Lange as in Corky Lange? Just a geuss.
You must be thinking of West, Bruce & Laing. The L in B.L.T. is drummer Bill Lordan, a regular companion to Robin Trower on a number of albums.