Great integrated amps with narrow depth under 12 inches?

Trying to upgrade my NAD C352 2x80 watts amp into something... well, better. The NAD isn't known for lots of details, and with my Gallo Strada speakers, it's probably a significant bottleneck. As for power it's probably enough.

But the depth of some of these amps are killing me! Unfortunately for WAF reasons the amp must stay in the TV bench and 12 inches is the absolute max depth.

Suggestions? Build-in DAC would be a plus, as would room correction (that's probably asking too much?)
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I got a great amp its only 6 inches.
For me the parasound zamp v3 bested the nuprime Ida 8, I even compared in my place with the nuprime 10, more power but maybe too clean, close to artificial sound, the parasound is a bit on the warm side
April Music Aura Vita was a 6Moons award winner and it'll fit.

I had one of these and liked it quite a lot. At the time I had the exact same space limitation.
Rega amps are pretty shallow., I had a similar situation tried several. Had a Creek crap out, had the Bel Canto, loved the Rega Elicit