great hdmi cable....archives

looking for a great hdmi cable for the pioneer elite 1130 plasma....couldn't find much in the archives, but maybe i missed it...can spend a couple hundred bucks...thanks, brent
HDMI is pretty new.
The choices are few.
I have a common Audioquest 2 HDMI
Kimber, Monster are other known choices
Just remember the connection 'talks' from the sender to the receiving end. So always turn on the sender AFTER the receiver end is on and to the right selection the FIRST TIME. (Or anytime the connection is disconnected or the units are unplugged.) or you will have trouble.
The greatest difference in picture quality is a good powerline conditioner. IMO. Great prices and their cables are as good as any others.
elizabeth- meaning turn on the tv first and then the dvd player, did i get that right? and thank you for your recommendations....i have everything plugged into the shunyata hydra for conditioning...
elizabeth- what sort of trouble?
Elizabeth, having numerous HDMI/DVI connections, I can say the only time I ever had an issue was when I broke one of the connectors on one of my HDMI switchers.... What are you using that you have to do as you describe??? You should not have to turn things on in any order, nor make the connections in order either.
Try Lots of different cables to choose. Prices were cheapest I found. I have used their cable for over a year without any trouble. I did not compare other cables with this one, but I do not feel the need to replace it. Can't think another cable would improve anything this cable does. Brian
thanks for the help folks- gonna check into the above
Lots of people use monoprice or bettercables. I sometimes run into issues with my cable box if I change inputs on my tv when I come back to the hdmi connection all I get is staticm turn the tv off and then it is fine again. This all started after a firmware upgrade by the cable company, used to be fine.
Harmonic Technology makes a great HDMI cable for a resonable price.
I bought a 5 meter cable for around $150.
Over at AVSFORUM people are real giddy over monoprice. I just got a box load from monoprice and I have not hey had a chance to try them. I think that for digital they will be fine and the price is fantastic, and way beyond belief.
ok, if you connect a HDMI cable and have the DVD player on first, so the DVD player cannot get a signal back from the device (the 'handshake') the signal is being sent to, the HDMI cable connection may:
1) not work at all.
2) may only send low res piture and audio info.
The HDMI connection is designed to require a conversation (a so called handshake) between sender and receiver to allow hi-def signals to pass.
IF no such conversation takes place, the sending unit is to automatically downconvert the signal. This all depends on the exact impementation of the devices and the implementation of the HDMI system in the various machines.
My experience was when the Denon DVD-2910 was on first, (the FIRST TIME EVER) before the Plama SOny TV was on.. The connection did not work at all.
After being pissed and such I finally SHUT OFF the DVD and disconnected it. Then turned on the TV first and on the correct selection. THEN when the DVD was turned on, the 'handshake' signal was completed and the HDMI cable worked fine.
Once this handshake is completed, you do not have to worry until the units are disconnected.
If you got a connection and the pic looks so-so, try disconnecting the power to the sending unit, so it forgets, then turn on the receiving unit and THEN the DVD ot tuner, and maybe the connection will decide to work properly.
Of course, some folks have never had any problem... blah blah.. but if you DO... this is why.

Thanks for clarifying that for me Elizabeth, fortunately for me I haven
t had any such problems, but I am using different gear.
I have been selling a Philips HDMI cable for 3 years now with great response. Remember the HDMI is digital so error correction takes out the problems associated with most typical cable problems. My 6 foot cables sell for 42.95 + 4.95 shipping.
thanks, brent
FWIW I have had good luck with the HDMI cables, and they are dirt cheap
that's pretty interesting elizabeth
Recently I put a $20.00 CALRAD brand hdmi cable on a friends new Sony LCD with a $200 Sony DVD player and the picture looked almost identical to a good quality component cable. We tried 3 different cheap to fair to good audio cables and the Calrad HDMI was as good as any of them. I think the limiting factor in the above setup was the low cost DVD player and just using the stock TV as audio output. Anyway, my motto is try the cheap stuff first, it sometimes is satisfactory.
Let us know how it works out, thanks, Mike.
There are "clear" differences in HDMI cables. I've tried 4 different cables from 4 different companies and find the Wire World top of the line cable (5.2) to be the best. The picture this cable creates on my sony sxrd tv is simply awesome.
sherpa- how much is that cable?
i hear ya cheapmike, i appreciate your suggestions.