Great Flugelhorn Recordings

Was listening to some jazz tonight with a lovely flugelhorn and it reminded me how much I love this instrument--such a nice velvety tone. Can anyone recommend some great recordings that feature this instrument?
Anything by Hugh Masekela
Dmitri Matheny, "Starlight Cafe"
Roy Hargrove, "Jazz In The Key Of Blue" Trumpet and lots of flugelhorn also.
Lots of great recordings with Art Farmer on flugelhorn.  In fact, I would recommend any LP with Art Farmer.
Clark Terry, who died in 2015, was one of the best. Try "Color Changes."
Hi Sal,
Yep in regard to Art Farmer. Gerry Mulligan's "Night Lights" features a lot of Farmer's beautiful flugelhorn.
Kenny Wheeler "Gnu High", ECM.  Beautiful lesser known player.


Freddie Hubbard "Straight Life", CTI


Clark Terry "Oscar Peterson an Clark Terry", Pablo Records.  Features several tunes with Clark on flugelhorn, including "No Flugel Blues". 


Clark Terry "Clark Terry and Thelonious Monk"


Tom Harrell "Visions".  Beautiful Player.

And of course, Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain".  One of the few times he recorded on flugel.

For something a little lighter and pop(ish) there's the recordings by Chuck Mangione.


Chuck Mangione's Feels So Good album is a treat.
Hey, thanks guys. I've got some shopping to do!

For an intensely lysical slightly different flugel sound, look at the classical transcriptions played by the Russian virtuoso Sergey Nakariakov on a very custom Courtois 4-valve flugelhorn with an 8 inch bell... 

Or... How about you pick up the flugel as I did... Even a top notch flugel horn like the Kanstul 1525 and 1526 copper bell, any of the amazing Adams F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5, Courtois 155 and 156, Eclipse, and the Taylor Fat Boy, or the new Getzen 4895 Custom Reserve all cost between $2500 and $5000.... Just about like a quasi entry level amp. And then you can taylor the sound to your heart's content with a plethora of mouthpieces, ranging in price between $50 and $250.... And in case you asked... No, the least expensive pieces are not inferior to the most expensive ones. Mouthpieces are all equally marvellous, just different, is all.

Saluti, Guido    

Try some early  Chuck Mangione. He, along with his brother, were really .... really good straight ahead and bebop players. 

Here's what you'd be looking for ... available on Ebay now.