Great Experience with Bill Thalmann @ Musical Technology (equipment repair)

I just wanted to send out some props to Bill Thalmann at Music Technology in Springfield Virginia.  Bill did a rebuild on a Technics SP-10ii for me - from the bottom up (including a Krebs modification and having the chassis professionally painted).  One sticky problem was a very low level mechanical noise that required a stethoscope to assess, but raised my audiophile nervosa.  I was traveling to Virginia over thanksgiving, so I hauled my turntable with me and Bill was kind enough to meet me the day after thanksgiving to fix the problem.  Together, with a stethoscope, I observed as he methodically went through the unit and systematically applied process of elimination until the culprit was identified.  A very abnormal issue of tolerance on machined parts. He swapped out the part and voila - totally silent.  The workshop at Music Technology is well equipped, and there was all sorts of esoteric high-end gear under repair - entrusted to Bill because customers know they can expect an excellent level of service.  That was reiterated by my visit!  Thank you Bill.  I would not hesitate to send MT any of my gear for servicing.
That is great to know. 
Yep, Bill did a bunch of work for me within the last two years- restored a Technics SP-10, did the Krebs mod and sourced and mounted it in a plinth for reasonable money; restored a pair of Quad II amps and restored a McI MX110z. I'm using all of this equipment in a second, vintage system with a restored pair of old Quad 57's which I've owned since 1973 (the turntable I bought new that year as well- an original not the more desirable mk ii, or iii, but still worth getting back into use).
Bill did a great job- I dropped off the gear in person when we were en route from NY to Texas and got to see his shop-- a warehouse sized facility filled with vintage electronic keyboards and all kinds of hi-fi gear. His work was first rate, his prices were reasonable and he was a very nice guy to deal with. Highly recommended. 
Whoops - Title should have said “Music Technology Inc”. 
Bill Thalmann did excellent work for me on very high end preamp. A real gentleman with great knowledge and proficiency from many years in the industry. I most highly recommend Bill at Music Technology Incorporated. If you see this Bill hello from Pete in Vancouver BC (Motif upgrade :) )
I’ve had Bill work on a few components. He’s the best in every way.
Another +vote for Bill. World Class repair and service.
Bill is working on a restoration/update of a pair of Apogee Scintilla One Ohm Ribbons for me.  All the best ingredients being located and defined.  I will let you know how it turns out.  

I had Bill totally upgrade a custom hybrid amp for me with over 100 parts. He also modified a very complex active 3 way crossover with PITA double sided circuit boards.  He does great work on very complex jobs.  A really nice guy as well. I'm a big fan forever.