Great experience with audio society and local tech

I'm in the process of having an amp upgraded with new caps, etc. But perhaps the best thing that's come out of this so far is getting to know my local tech a bit. I spent a wonderful two hours with him yesterday; parts and amps everywhere, tubes of many varieties, rebuilt and one of a kind gear, and stories of personal, audio-related interactions with great designers — Kara of deHavilland, Fritz of Fritz speakers, Earl Geddes, Dan Modwright, Duke LeJeune, and many more. We talked amps, subwoofers, caps, speakers, subs, room acoustics, and more. 

I'd not have known about this great guy if I had not joined my local audio society. Personal contact and conversation has provided me with a path beyond conversations about brand names (unavoidably) idiosyncratic listenening reportage. Many of you know this already, so I'm sharing this for newer folks. Work the grapevine, find the grapes.

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Great advice. What audio society do you belong to, or where are you from? Someone, here, may want to get in contact with your local tech.

No name?

With 104,094 sq mi, and a pop. of 5.7 mil people, it would be kinda challenge to locate. 

Oh, well. Thanks a bunch.

No Name, Colorado: I70 exit 119 population 123

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@pmm "Thanks a bunch" is a pretty insulting way to elucidate more information. Sorry to not give you a complete road map. Perhaps google "Colorado" and "audio society" and make your way forward.


" elucidate more information"

 Your post focused on the Tech., within your audio society. There are some, here, who may be searching for a tech. to do services and/or upgrades. Your answer to my inquiry was too brief and vague.

@ghaslley Thank you. I may visit someday

Hilde, I'll 2nd the motion that clubs are terrific disseminators of information.

I joined three just to tap in new learning channels. Now I take most of my

guidance from the members I believe have a firm grasp on HiFi values.


That is not to say some people on these forums do not add to my learning.


FYI- You do not have to live in the city that a club is based in to reap the

benefits. Spend $25/year and join the SFAS group. Happy Hour every Friday

at 5pm PST.


great reminder that the wonderful part of all hobbies such as this is that if we are fortunate, we meet good people with shared passions, kindred spirits on a shared journey, and make friends as a result

here on this forum, it's also good to remember that there is always a person behind the username, and even though it is an anonymous forum, over time, one can tell who are the people that are worth knowing ’in real life’, in person, so to speak... others, not so much

@pmm  I don't feel at liberty to broadcast the tech's name. Anyone who wishes can message me. 

@jjss49 True enough. 

@hilde45 "I don't feel at liberty to broadcast the tech's name"

I understand. Best regards

I feel very fortunate to have been introduced by my 55-year-in-business local audio dealer to a group of audio society folks and a few good techs in my area.  

The introductions came about over time and NOT introduced as business transactions. It was more about meeting good caring people first.  

From there new doors opened, learning more about mods, upgrades, and huge collections of gear, tubes, more than I ever imagined possible. With a little patience, kindness, and respect these type of folks will share their knowledge and skills with you. Ultimately they will decide to choose you, or send you down the road if you're a prima donna.  

Much wisdom in the thread :-) givers thrive

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@hilde45 , Thanks for sharing your experience, as a novice I greatly appreciate what you share and how respectful you are. Also having taken the time to PM you, I have appreciated your advise and look forward to meeting you when I visit family in your area. Also since my son received my vintage Marantz I'm sure I'll be seeking assistance with locating a good tech for a rebuild. To the Poo Butts that throw negativity constantly , Would you act this way in person? And to all of you, God Bless and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Happy Listening , Mike. 

Same in the Bay Area. There are groups you literally have to be referred to get an audience. Then, there is a vetting process by the rest of the group. Some are very nice some are pure eitist.

If you don’t have anything to offer and just want to learn, and invitation is a great sign of what your peers actually think about YOU. A lot of the real techy types are usually Ham radio, heavy RC stuff, model railroaders and of course stereo buffs.. None of them make a living at their hobbies, that I know of. A lot of them work at the local labs in SV, Propulsion lab, Stanford and 50 others..

You all most need a securiety clearence to get into the club.. Some of these groups the patrons keep ice on their brain just to keep them from overheating.. :-)

Chicken feedin’ doesn’t come up too often either.. the subjet of dogs do.

I tend to lean toward the Stereo Terrier Groups.

They had really good groups in Oakland and San Francisco, but the whole group got stolen. They didn’t restart new ones. :-(


@oldhvymec this is exactly what I've been curious about. Im not sure if I can be dedicated enough to make a meet once a week and a few dealers I've done with in the Bay Area we're completely off-putting, so I could imagine how snoody groups could be. I might have to do some further research. 



Are you having the power amps upgraded or the preamp?


From your last OP on the QS's I learned of the TDK volume pots, and if you end up installing one I'm interested in your take (VS the ALPS that I assume is stock).


Also - perhaps a Star-Lord mix tape would be fun for the next time the group gets together as I understand that he hails from Colorado?





Read in another thread that you had the TDK volume pot installed in your QS preamp.


Once things settle in please add your opinion of such.


Mainly curious if it sounds better @ lower volume levels (meaning that the soundstage does not get significantly smaller @ reasonably lower levels).


This odd feat is what I heard with the more complex volume pot(s) I mentioned earlier, and even to some extent with my cheap Bottlehead resistor loaded 12 step pot.


The TDK is considerably more affordable than the 50-100 "stepped" pots I considered and it also looks to be easier to install space wise.



@dekay I need to do more listening, but here was the change related to the ALPS pot to the TDK pot, via the tech -- related to balance: "the new volume control tracks better, before there was about 0.4dB of channel imbalance, now it's < 0.2 at most spots."

I am pretty certain the pots are TKD, not TDK, as I have used the brand in the past, which are excellent. Enjoy !