Great Experience with ASR

I wanted to report my fantastic experience in dealing with ASR and its owner, Friedrich Schaefer. I own a used Emitter II Exclusive that was originally manufactured in 2010. Buying it used and importing it posed some concerns, mainly about repair, an issue I had with my previous amp as well. Unfortunately, in late June, one of the power supply boxes that feeds one channel of the internal power amp of the main unit stopped working. However, via email, telephone, and Skype chat with Mr. Schaefer, we were able to diagnose the problem, a defective small transformer that would have to be replaced. I ordered one and installed it myself quite easily. I also was curious about a possible upgrade for the main unit that he mentioned in an email signature. I purchased that upgrade, but installing it proved to be beyond my technical ability, but when I find a local tech with more advanced soldering skills than mine, I'll make that upgrade.

In any case, I just wanted to say what a great company ASR is and state how well they treat their owners, whether its used or new products. I cannot recommend this company and their owner enough. I'm very gratified to know that if I should have any issues in the future I can directly rely on them to help me with my issues. If you should ever consider an ASR product in the future and are concerned about service issues, do not hesitate to make that purchase, knowing full well that the company has your back in case of a problem.