Great Digital Cable With Locking RCA Ends?

Greetings all!
I have a field recording rig that I need a reliable and accurate digital cable for. I am looking for something that is high bandwith(96k 24bit capable) with locking ends that is flexible enough to run in a camera bag/backpack without too much difficulty. Regardless of the whole "do digital cables make a difference" argument, these are master recordings that I am making so it is important to avoid loosing any information whatsoever as much as is possible. I have no doubt that jitter and artifacting are the enemy of a master recording so I want to get something that will do an excellent job.
In the past, I have used the Creative Green Hornet and Stereovox HDXV cables both of which are supposed to be true 75 ohm etc. but in each case the dreaded "no signal" comes into play every once and awhile and I can't handle it any more. I have had great luck with the Acoustic Zen MC=2 AES/EBU cable but from what I understand, the RCA version which does have locking ends is not a true 75 ohm cable and is rather a 110 ohm with RCA ends on it which seems like a step in the wrong direction for this application.
All that being said, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. In terms of budget, I would say $250-$300 tops new or used. Thanks much...

Also, as a footnote to this whole inquiry and a point of interest of some, one of my recordings was released on Red Toucan Records RT9327--Joelle Leandre & India Cooke and is called Firedance.

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I think KCI has a new cable that is exactly what you're describing. Called Pegasus and is well reviewed by a few early users. Not on their website yet but KCI goes by Johngp here.
Why must it have locking ends?

You really will not use a cable that would substantially improve your system, just because it does not have a certain kind of RCA plug?
Tara Labs RSC Air 75

Not too expensive (used) and has the locking RCA so that it doesn't disconnect on you at inopportune moments.
The reason that I am looking for a locking end is because my microphone preamp/A/D converter(modded Grace V3) is running facing straight up which means that the coax out is facing straght down. As the bag is moved from place to place etc. it seems that the connector can make a less than positive connection which results in the dreaded "no signal". The unit is not particularly convenient to get at one everything is wired up so it's a bit tricky to get at the coax cable to make sure that everything is making proper contact.

I am also looking for a locking end going into the recorder because quite often the bag gets moved, kicked, slid from side to side etc. while running and the more positive a connection that I have on both sides, the better the chances are that I walk away with the entire performance that I am trying to capture. If I was in a studio type environment, no problem as everything can be set up and left as is. Same deal with my playback system, locking ends don't matter much at all as they are generally made once and that's that. I believe that most RCA ends are not designed to be constantly plugged and unplugged and they can get loose after awhile which is what I believe is happening with the Green Hornet that I have been using. Anyways, thanks for the suggestions and I'll gladly accept any more...
My Virtual Dynamics Testament (silver) cable is a tight fit and has the best resolution in my system so far. Maybe they can make one up to meet your needs
Zu digital cables can be ordered with locking RCAs. I ordered mine with locking RCA on one end and BNC on the other. Don't recall the model name but mine is in the middle of the line. It's not super flexible but if you call to order I'm sure whoever you talk to at Zu will know which is most flexible.