Great detail, refinement, mid-price office system?

I am looking to improve resolution, detail, tone in an average sized-office 14 X 14 X 10 feet where only classical, mostly chamber music will be played at low to moderate volumes. Current system is Proac Response 1s, Onix integrated amp OA21s, 50 WPC. Jolida JD100A Stage 1 mod (Underwood) and where restrictions of space for components is 12" depth.
Current system is OK, but would like more detail and transparency, particularly for chamber music and also piano and female vocals.
Suggestions for improvement, please, where budget limit is $2K per component, used.
You didn't mention your interconnects. Try some Jarden or Pursang Ardent Audio interconnects and you'll discover a whole new level of detail.

Talk to Ric Cummins at
Your system sounds like it should be pretty good as is, but then again, I have not heard the Onix. I really love the sound of ProAc's with ARC gear. In my office system, though, I wanted to go for a more conservative look, and I ended up with a pair of ProAc Tablette Reference 8 Signatures and all-Arcam components (FMJ A22, FMJ CD23T, FMJ T21). I am very happy with the sound of this system. Interconnects are Ridge Street Audio, and speaker cables are bi-wire AudioQuest Gibraltar.
Tried Ridge Street Poeima!, Pure Note Cerulean, Verastarr Silver Reference - I dont think Ric's cables would be a significant improvement on those. I was thinking either the amp or the CD (or ? the speakers) or all - but that would be beyond budget.
But thanks,Cdc2 for comment.
What tubes are your using?
>>09-29-04: Elevick
What tubes are your using?<<

Stock tubes in the Jolida Stage 1 mod (Underwood)
Have you tried tweaking what you already have? Isolation, Walker SST, etc.?
Only Walker SST.
The probable weakest link - because it is the oldest design - is the int amp - 1993. I am tempted by the North Star 192 system however, but would I then have to get a new int amp to optimize the features of the 192 DAC/Transport?
That will exceed budget, though, to replace both.
How does your current system sound at higher volumes?

I think the place I would look next is to pick up some resolution from isolation solutions. We (Audio Asylum Inmates) are about to get a group purchase put together of Barry Diament's Hip Joint roller bearings. I think these would help considerably. You might want to consider some Machina Dynamica isolation base products as well. These are a really effective way to increase resolution. They might not work for you aesthetically or due to vertical space constraints. The roller bearings combined with the platforms yield even more incredible results than either alone. Perhaps some Neuance platforms would be more practical, but I would see what the roller bearings accomplish first.

My guess is that in the end you will probably need to purchase some high efficiency speakers to get to where you desire. There are some good inexpensive options out there.

Given the performance of your home system I know how difficult it is to settle for less. BTW, these isolation suggestions will do wonders for your home system as well.
Thanks, Wellfed. All great suggestions. Which high efficiency speakers do you hace in mind for less than $2K used?
Well, one I was thinking about is the Omega carried by Duke LeJeune at Audiokinesis.

Omega Loudspeakers

Another would be the Cain & Cain Abby carried by Alan Kafton at Audio Excellence AZ. I notice they have a nearfield version.

Cain & Cain Abby

Perhaps you should solicit responses for a system that provides excellent resolution at low volumes. I've found this to be no small feat even with spendier components, high-efficiency speakers, and lots of attention to the details. Of course this was done to a very high standard that presumably is seldom attempted with a secondary system.