Great deal on some Salks . . .

Looks like a great deal! However shipping is $5,000!!
Don’t think there’s many pairs of these out there, yet. They’re a brand new model and I understand they are currently going through testing and possible tweaking.
I’m hoping to hear them soon.  Jim is a good guy and builds a great speaker.  Those look super cool to boot!
Will be exhibited at AXPONA in April.
Doesn't Revel F228Be use similar drivers from SB Acoustics? Could be a killer speaker at this price. (If it's really $5k a pair...)
Hmmmm if the Salk SS8 non Be is $9k per pair...and the SS10 is $12k per pair....then it would seem that these new speakers might actually be $5k...but $5k per speaker....but I'm pretty sure they will sound great!
There's a thread on Audio Circle with plenty of info. on this new speaker.  Judging by the speakers and drivers it's based on, it should sound very very good.
Suspect they will be closer to 10k than 5k for the pair... but they will be a good value for sure!
deo14, I believe you’re in the ballpark.
I have to admit, I'm intrigued by these speakers.If anyone goes to AXPONA maybe they could report on these?

Well, I'm within 2.5 hours, and get over there for work sometimes.  I want to go listen, but I don't have it in the budget right now (I did, but my 16 year old may need a car soon...)

I'm sure I will hear them soon enough, I may go to Axpona also.  

My only concern is I don't like many speakers with Be tweeters.  I do like the Raal.  

But, I'm sure Jim and Dennis did a marvelous job.  That AT midrange is likely a bit smoother than the Accuton in the SS8, so I am interested to hear how it integrates with the Be tweeter.

I know Jim likes those BE tweeters.