Great deal? But won't ship

How many times have you ran across a fab deal on here? Then as you read the ad it hits you like a ton of bricks. NO SHIPPING PICKUP ONLY>..Sometimes the item might weigh no more than a pair of sneakers. But the usual NO SHIPPING PICKUP ONLY appears. Have any members tried convincingly to change a seller from a no to a yes?
Yes, several times. I take full responsibility for shipping and have the seller use my FedEx shipping number and bill myself for the shipping and insurance.

The only thing the seller has to do is get the equipment to a FedEx facility. Pretty easy most of the time.

Be professional and courteous and make a case for for your well thought out intentions. The worst thing they can say is no thanks. Good Luck!
If you are confident that your item will sell locally, then why add the hassle of shipping?
Its up to them if you don't like that then pass!!
You could always drive to get whatever they are. Have a friend in that area go look at them and make arrangements. Otherwise walk away.