Great day for classic finds...

I managed to sell some of my never listened LP's and got myself the following:
Mercury Living Presence SR90266: Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto#1 in B flat major, op.23 with byron Janis on Piano and Herbert Menges conducting the LSO. (early pressing with 2.5" black and white photo along the right edge of the back (from top to bottom),,The later pressings used color.

Mercury Olympian series MG50000 (first release of the series). of Mussorgsky's Pics at an Exhib, by Rafael Kubelik conducting the Chicago S.O.

RCA Living Stereo LSC-2077 (1S/1S pressing) of Richard Strauss Till Eulenspiegel (Death and Transfiguration) by Fritz Reiner and the Vienna Philarmonic Orch.

RCA Living Stereo LSC-2369 (2S/2S pressing) of Tchaikovsky's Symph#4, by Monteaux and the Boston Symphony.

RCA Living Stereo LSC-2581 (8S/8S pressing) of Brahms Concerto #2, with Van Cliburn and Fritz Reiner and you know which orchestra...

And someone gave me as a gift: RCA Victor LM-2100,,HI-FI Fieldler and the Boston Pops,,the one with him sitting on a stool next to an RCA monitor driver...great sounding LP//
Why is it that some covers are utterly ruined, while the LP's look as if never played or touched....Today's finds are due to the link provided in some thread regarding classical labels on AA, so I wanted to get some samples:

DGG Tulip (139010): Ravel Bolero and Mussorgsky's Pix at en Exhib. by the Berlin Phil. Orchestra dir by Von Karajan. My first foreign orchestra version of Pix.

Nonesuch release of Stravinsky's The Right of Spring, Orchestre National de la RTF, Pierre Boulex conducting.

London FFrr CS7078 (LP straight from the UK), Solti directing the Chicago Symphony Orch. playing Wagner.

Arkiv Produktion of music by Pachabel: Canon and Gigue, Handel's The Arrival of Queen Sheba and also some Albinoni, Purcell, Avison and Haydn. by the English Concert Pinnock on authentic instruments.

Phillips CS 6500 530 (from Europe) of Brahms Violin Concerto in D, Op. 77,,,Henry Szeryng on violin, and the Cocertgebouw Orchestra from amsterdam cond. by Bernard Haitink.

Nonesuch release of Beethoven and Hummel's music for Mandolin and Harpshichord and Mandolin and Piano...Maria Scivittario on Mandolin, Robert Veyron-Lacroix on Harpsh and piano.

all LP's are like never used with totally silent backgrounds...the Phillips has great dynamics.

I left behind and Argo label release which I wanted to try,,,oh well, next time...

Check this link out with some cool info for those who want to get in idea regarding classical labels (its just an overview)