Great Customer Service From Simaudio

I just wanted to share with everyone a great experience I had with Simaudio and their moon products.  I purchased a 280d dac with the mind option.  This is not an uber expensive piece of equipment -- $2800 brand new (not cheap but not one of those $50,000+ pieces of equipment).  It worked great for the first year, but after about a year, I had some difficulty with playing Tidal through the mind unit.  Rather than fobbing it off on Tidal and claiming the problem resided with Tidal, Simaudio sent me a new 280d with no questions asked.  When the new product had some difficulties again with Tidal, Simaudio's owner and lead engineer emailed me and called me and were very responsive in trying to understand the issue and fix it.  As we were emailing, Simaudio offered me numerous options, including refunding my money in total.  Simaudio, through the owner Costa, said it would refund my money, or it would send Simaudio's  lead engineer out to my house to see if he could solve the problem (they weren't sure if the problem was on their end, my internet or Tidal), or they would give me a great discount on an upgrade, or if I had any other suggestions as to how to resolve the problem they would work with me to make me happy.  The owner, Costa, and the lead engineer were in town for Music Matters at Listen Up (where I bought the 280d) and they came to my house to trouble shoot the problem and took me out for dinner and we talked audio equipment and the audio industry all night.  Furthermore, Listen Up also offered to give me a refund with no questions asked when the problem arose and also offered other solutions and were very helpful and supportive.  Anyway, for anyone considering buying from Simaudio, know that they have some of the best, if not the best, customer service in the industry, and Listen Up also really stands by their products to make their customers happy.  I've never had someone offer me a full refund on a product that developed an issue more than a year after it was sold and I've never had one of the owners get on the phone numerous times and come to my house to try and trouble shoot a problem for a piece of equipment like this.  Terrific folks to deal with.  I still enjoy seeing Costa every year at Music Matters and RMAF: he is a pleasure to deal with and very knowledgeable and just a terrific person (as well as making some amazing products).   Anyway, just wanted to share this experience with anyone considering buying a Simaudio product.   
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did these Simaudio folks ever fix the issue? Was that dinner including drinks?
If you’re referring to the Florida Dealer, last I heard they were still open, but Costa told me they aren’t a Simaudio Moon Dealer anymore. 
Hi canibefrank,
yes, dinner included drinks.  Yes, they did fix the problem with their new Mind 2 streamers, including the newer 280d's.