Great Copper Cables?

I have a VTL IT-85 (Mullards) with some Thiels and I get some minor excessive brightness....... I'm using PAD Museaus but one time I hooked up my backup bottom scale Audioquests and I lost some resolution but the tone warmed up nicely............ Any way just wondering who makes some of the best copper cables and which models?
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Low end audioquests are really mushey and bassey in my opionion, I will leave it with that infact after trying some I hated audioquest for years. I would never buy there cables until I herd the skys. I am not saying to go that way but higher end audioquests will produce more detail and tighenthe bass. I would try to demo some cables though because they are so specific to what the room needs.

Also what other cables are you running.
Audience Au24
Lesvan, I would recommend you audition a pair of Acoustic Zen Matrix reference 11's. They are very "musical/warm" but are still transparent and detailed, and I consider them a bargain at $500.00 retail. It's all personnal taste and system synergy, but I would put this cable on your audition list. Hope this helps. or if your looking for something that cost a lot less then try Cryo-Max 2 cable from or if your looking for something that cost a lot less then try Cryo-Max 2 cable from
From your post, I guess you're talking about speaker cables. In my opinion, the new Elrod Power Systems speaker cables are amazing. Great resolution, but with the "fullness" and harmonic integrity one expects from live music.
Kubala-Sosna Cables should be on your audition list.

They have various models at multiple price points. I use thier Fascination Series cables. They have 2 models that better these.

Frankly, at times I cannot imagine how thier top end cables can sound better than my Fascination cables.

They offer great return and trade up programs.

If no dealer in your area, send me an email and I'll hook you up with the best.
Cardas Golden Cross and Audience Au24
Audience Au24 for excellent copper cables that still have the extension detail of silver cables without the brightness.

Speltz Anti-cables are a very cheap alternative and some of the best coppercables for the price. You can't really go wrong with these.

Don't blow your dough on big name cables..suggest trying a home demo of Consonace...shockingly inexpensive and the equal or better than the pricey Nordost they replaced.
I agree with the Paul Speltz cable.
I use all Audioquest, Anaconda for interconnects and Volcano for speaker cables, and I am pleased with the performace they provide. Although admittingly I have not experimented much with other cables. Acoustic Zen is also a very good cable.

Luminous Audio Synchestra
Audience AU24
Analysis Plus Solo 8's
Audio Note Lexus
Hey guys, thanks for all the input......... I should've said ICs but I also have the Museaus as speaker cable....... I looked at a review on the VTL I own and he matched it up with the Acoustic Zen and liked it....... thanks again to all of you. Les
Nirvana Audio SL and SX
As for interconnects:

I can again recommend the Au24 cables. Just as good as the speaker cable. They strike a very good balance wteen fulness and detail/extension.

Also, VH audio Pulsars are excellent and very cheap. And they come with a 60 day trial period!
I would suggest Acoustic Zen either Satori or Hologram speaker cables and their Reference MkII ICs. Matrix would be warmer, but Silver ref has better resolution without being bright and without loss of bass. Between the source and pre the one to use is Silver ref and Matrix ref would go between the pre and amp.
Jena Labs make the best copper cables that I've heard. Better than Cardas Golden Reference, Tara Labs Air 1, XLO Signature, and many others that I've heard.
Coincident is an excellent all copper wire. I run them as interconnect and speaker wire with my Atma-Sphere OTL amps and Aesthetix gear. They are very neutral and well balanced. It's probably important to note that I have Coincident speakers internally wired (stock) with the same. These cables are grossly underrated, very well made, and a Hifi bargain (299.00USD/M). I like them better than the Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref.II, Cardas Neutral Ref, or the Harmonic Technology IC's I've auditioned. Audience au24 is a great recommend. Happy listening!
I've found that Wireworld's Polaris cables (all copper) are excellent for extension and detail without glare. The Audience cables that many have already mentioned are excellent also. And I was amazed at the quality of the Audio Art IC-1 cables for sale here on Audiogon, all copper but excellent sounding and dirt cheap. I've heard very good things about the AZ Wow and the Coincident copper cables, but haven't tried them. The Cardas and Harmonic Tech all-copper cables I used in the past were too slow and dark sounding for my tastes. But then, I'm a silver hybrid kind of guy.
A friend of mine use transparent wires with enacom speaker tweak to tame thebrightness of his Thiels.
24 recommendations thus far. I'm embarrassed to admit I've tried at least 6 of them.

Do you think when it comes to wire audiophiles are a perhaps a little a)uncertain, b)confused, c)compulsive, d)obsessive, or e)all of the above?


Grant all the above, and zillion more compulsion,
and confusion.
I second Gregg's Straley's Reality Cables !
Second the Jena Labs. They're the best cables, period, I've ever heard--copper, silver, palladium, whatever. The upper models are not cheap, but if you've got the system, they're more than worth the price of admission.
Going up in price and quality: Au24, Nirvana SX Ltd, Virtual Dynamics Master and Revelation Series. Can't go wrong with any of these, just depends on your ears and wallet!!
Only a woman could design cables like Jena's...
Harmonic Technology Truthlinks
Audience Au24...
and my personal favorite that I've heard but have not yet obtained for my system...
Atlas Navigator All Cu (simply a stunning copper wire that provides the sweetest high end and the most realistic midrange ever!) The atlas cables are hard to find in North America, but are readily available in the UK. It's worth the effort to seek them out in my opinion!
Again, Lesvan there are a lot of choices. Take a look at this review, for what is worth, something affordable and neutral without losing transparency, detail, and dynamic impact. Great "real" soundstage with my tubes and TT.
Happy listening!
For cheap, yes, you should try Hamonic Truth Link, or AZ WOW. $100/m/pr is as good as that usually gets, if it matches your sytem..
Hey folks nobody did mention about the KIMBER familly like the 8 TC (on a budget cables) or even the KS-3033 (too expensive) or just forgotten ???
Good mention for the VIRTUAL DYNAMIC MASTER and REVELATION !!!
Verbatim Copper Foil cables. AMAZING sound stage, clarity and balanced from low to high.
Please allow me to suggest Audio Note Lexus. They are all copper with a very elaborate topology (same as the AN Sogon, which is all silver and costs several $1000), and they sound great. Best of all they are not that expensive: the ICs are about $175 per meter.

I also love the Nirvana S-L ICs which cost much more, and are a hair warmer.

I found the Atlas Questor to be a terrific budget, quality, high-purity copper interconnect. I use them in my "power" rock/jazz/world music system--Taylo 7U floorstanding two-way speakers, Aragon 8008ST poweramp, Rotel RC 995 preamp, Audio Refinement Complete CDP. Clear, uncolored, very dynamic and speedy. And you can't beat the price--just over $100 for 1m. I get them through my local dealer, Eugene Hi-Fi, whose owners, Chris and Dale, ship internationally. They also sell the entire Atlas line--Navigator All Cu, Titans, etc. But the Questors are great "bang for the buck" cables.
Encosse Bi-wire speaker cables. Rarely known, priced competitatively, but sound great.