Great cheap LP's are still out there!

I recently received my monthly issue of Analog Planet (free on line, just sign up), which contains a write-up on the upcoming 2019 Record Store Day celebration. I clicked on the list of participating Indi record shops, and found a couple near me I was not even aware of. I visited them both this morning, and was pleasantly surprised. I had dropped off my sister at her hour-long doctors appointment, so had only enough time to give both a cursory looking over. Both were filled mostly with LP’s---CD’s, cassettes, and DVD’s were allotted far less floor space. I guess LP’s really are back!

Both shops had all their LP’s in plastic outer sleeves, and very well organized. At the second there was a "New Arrivals" rack, and I looked through the whole thing. To my surprise I found four LP’s I just couldn’t not buy. All were absolutely Mint, not a sign of having ever been played. And all very low priced, perhaps because my musical tastes are not exactly mainstream. They are:

- Emmylou Harris: The Ballad Of Sally Rose. Emmylou’s concept album, with an incredible lineup of musicians including Russ Kunkel, Larrie London, Emory Gordy Jr., Hank DeVito, Albert Lee, Vince Gill, and many more. $3.99

- Ricky Skaggs: Country Boy $1.99!

- Herb Pedersen (Chris Hillman’s partner in The Desert Rose Band): Southwest. Musicians include Jim Gordon, Leland Sklar, Larry Carlton, Al Perkins, David Lindley, Ed Carter, Linda Ronstadt on harmony vocals. $2.99

- Mike Auldridge: Blues And Bluegrass (on Takoma Records, a great label known for it’s sound quality). Musicians include Vassar Clements (a favorite of Jerry Garcia), Doyle Lawson, David Bromberg, Ricky Skaggs, a bunch of others. $2.99

Perhaps others want to share on this thread his or her recent finds of original-pressing LP's.

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Tull- Stormwatch OP $5

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@viridian, you wanna talk old? I saw The Beatles, The Beach Boys with Brian playing bass, Hendrix with Mitch and Noel, The Dead with Pigpen, and The Who with Keith Moon (on the "A Quick One" and "Tommy" tours). I became acquainted with Billy Swan ("I Can Help") when we both lived in Sherman Oaks, and he told me he had seen Elvis, Scotty, and Bill (pre-D.J. Fontana) live on the back of a flatbed truck, in 1956! 
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I love you @bdp24, but I knew that. I guess I thought most everyone here, knew that.
@slaw, the feeling is quite mutual. "Get a room you two". ;-)
I too saw the Beatles, in 1964 (on my 12th birthday, with my dear old dad).
Sorry rookies, I saw Louie Armstrong and his All Stars live when I was about 10.  Let's show some reverence here! ;^)

In other news, good finds bdp.  I have that Auldridge and it is a good one.  Actually I have lots of LPs from the '50s, '60s, and '70s bought new.  Plus some carefully selected used records from that period too.  I'm not sure how many are first releases (and impossible to tell if first pressings) but when they are clean many of them are sonically pleasing as well as musically.  So I've found very little need to pay current prices for remastered copies of those records.  It sounds like you found two great resources for affordable music.