Great Cello music Part 2

I learned about David Darling on an earlier thread (whose music I enjoy a lot). I have Dave Holland's Life Cycle which has become one of my all time favorites. Are there any other recommendations that come to mind? I'm mostly interested in the genre that straddles Jazz and Classical.
Not sure if this is what you're after or not but Anja Lechner ( of the Rosamunde Quartet) has put out 2 albums with Vassilis Tsabropoulos ( piano) of music that certainly fits the genre you're after."Chants,Hymns and Dances" ( ECM New Series 1888) and "Melos" ( ECM 2048)RA both hauntingly evocative , beautiful albums based on the music of both Tsabropoulos and Gurdjieff.Tsbropoulos is a Greek , classically trained pianist who now inhabits the jazz world comfortably ( in a similar vein to Ketil Bjornstad).Lechner's style is classical in structure but she adapts to the slighly different fare with aplomb. So not solo cello music but with a stong cello component. You mention David darling - I assume you've checked out "Epigraphs", his duet with Bjornstad.
Also Some recordings with Ketil Bjørnstad and David Darling that i just found online are The River,which is another duet album from 96 on ECM. Also, The Sea and The Sea II(also on ECM and 95 and 98 respectively). I have the Sea and it is wonderful. It is an ensemble piece and more of an experimental sound. I always find it very moving whenever I listen to it. Your thread has sparked my interest in hearing more from Darling and now Bjørnstad.
If you might be into contemplative, yet intense unaccompanied cello, Matthew Owens might work for you. He's very mellow and probably classified as "new age" by some, but his music is much more thematic and complex than say the Windham Hill type of stuff. Hard to describe - You can have a listen here:

If it's your cup of tea, more clips and info can be found here:

It is also pretty nicely recorded - not at all a disappointment from a strictly audio perspective.
Ella: The Tsabropoulos and Gurdjieff CD is amazing. I bought it a few years ago. I was fascinated by the narrative that accompanied the disc. Gurdieff was actually a mystic that founded his own school of philosophy if I'm not mistaken.

Thank you all for the suggestions.
eric friedlander has some great solo work and his work with Masada String trio
Russell,I think the one I'll recommend could 'kinda,sorta' be considered 'straddling jazz and classical'.Anyway,it is very enjoyable,ImhO. 'YO YO MA Plays ENNIO MORRICONE'.It is Yo Yo with the Rome Symphony Orchestra,and it is 'a hoot',I think.