Great CDP with No volume control

I've spent many hours in the archives looking for CDP recommendations. Seems like many of the top rated (Wadia, Opus 21, Audio Aero, ML) have volume controls and are best if run directly to the amp. I just bought a new preamp (the Syrah) and I also have a TT, so I plan to run the CDP through the preamp. I'm wondering if I would be wasting $ on these top rated CDPs since I do NOT need the volume control? In other words, are there less expensive CDPs with no volume control that (with my Syrah) would sound nearly as good as the top rated players?

Currently I have
Sony DVP9000ES
Syrah preamp
modified Golden Tube amps
Martin Logan SL3

You can use them through preamp for better result.
Try a used Meridian 508-24 (make sure it's not an upgrade from a 508-20) or a Linn Ikemi. Both are terrific. I've owned the Meridian and now own the Ikemi. No volume controls...both ran through tube preamps.
I use the Opus 21 with a preamp and it's great. It bests my Electrocompaniet EMC-1 so the volume control obviously isn't getting in the way.
I have an Ayre CX-7 running through a Syrah and it is very nice. Not exactly cheap, but cheaper than the others you listed.
I would second the Ayre.It really is excellent with a wide range of music,if you can get one 2nd hand to help with the cost all the better,with no disrepect to Rbirke in one of the few comparisons I can make it completely wiped the floor with the Ikemi I demoed in my system.
Ideally you should always demo if you can but I think from what I've read about your other components it should work well in your system.
I just was at a dealer who have the Aero Cap and he ran it through a preamp. He told me that he preferred the preamp to not using one.
I've also listened to the Aero Capitole alone and through a preamp. Through the preamp sounded way better.
Sim Audio Moon Eclipse. Not as warm as the AA but a ton of details... A very amazing CDP...IMHO...
Try this on for size: The Audio Aero Prima. Cannot be touched for near the $2200 price tag. A few tubes in this baby sweetens the sound up nicely. I love mine. peace, warren
i think that the resolution audio opus 21 destroys the AA prima. i use mine through a pre and can tell *no* difference. (i attribute this to my preamp, tho, which is beyond transparent)

the other nice thing about the opus 21 is that if you use the DIN output (ie a DIN to RCA or XLR), the volume control is bypassed.

don't skip the RA because of the volume control. it's the best out there short of a cd12.
Thanks for all the suggestions including the Ayre which I did not know about - Ayre is located in Boulder, CO which is a plus, though not sure if their manufacturing is also in Boulder.

I know there are literaly hundreds of "which CDP" topics in the assumption (could be wrong) is that the capacity to bypass the preamp adds substantially to the cost if it is done well, and that I might get very good results with a simpler design combined with a good preamp. Hence the new topic. But it sounds like most people are saying go the more expensive CDP and use it with the preamp.

Tonnesen let us know what you pick.
Good luck.
Lazarus, I believe the operative words are/were "I think." Destroys?? give me a break. peace, warren
kinda like 'cannot be touched,' eh warren?
OK, you got me! peace, warren
I just had my EMC-1 upgraded to full 24/192/SE status at the distributor and its pretty awesome. No volume. Sounds best thru the XLR output. Make sure you have a solid stand (wieghs 44 lbs!) Can be had used for about $3K. Not cheap, but excellent sound. Very detailed but not fatiguing.
With the exception of the opus i've own all the above players,The Electrocompaniet EMC-1 up SE is the player to have period.