Great Caesar's Ghost

I was introduced to this band from upstate New York a few years ago off of a Relix magazine promo cd. They are not a pure cover band, but primarily play Grateful Dead and Allman Bros. tunes with their own spin. The Bros. and the Dead think so highly of their work that members periodically sit in. My favorite cd of theirs is "Better Off Dead", but their Greatest hits is good as well. You can find them on CDBaby. Really fun driving music as the weather gets warmer. Enjoy.
Perry White must be spinning is his grave!
I had heard them on Paradise Radio or Deep Tracks, dont remember which, and immediatly bought the CD. Took a while to find it. I was looking for a vinyl version and that is almost non-existant. When I went to their website one of the bandmembers actually was the one who answered my question about a vinyl copy. Very entertaining music indeed. Thanks for reminding me to give it a listen.