Great Bar Bands with Great CD's

I am a fan of live music, I see a very popular question on the speaker forum is for rock speakers. It is so much harder than I ever expected to try to emulate. I think alot of the problem is I counted over 23 speakers from 10 to 12 to 15 to even 18" speakers with over 15k watts of amplification. So its really hard to replicate this, its got to be a miss match with one pair of speakers I dont care how many multi drivers you have. I am trying a pair of legacy focus (old ones) driven by burmester and a pair of old jbl studio monitors (15" sub with a big horn with adj crossover) with a rane thx 44 the jbls are driven with adcom 565 mono modified. Need sub for realistic thump but my room has boom problems and sounds better outside than in.

With the multi speaker issue what about the jbl synthsis, looks like a step in the right direction but not much info on ag for this speaker set.

But back to my post subject, I have been awhile between good cd's to listen to start to finish, Wear out music quality I listen to again and again. So heeeres where I start.

I like rock music. Cant catagorize what I like but I know its good. ( Just ask me)

Hosty Trio, but now only HOsty duo. ask for all the cd's even the ones not on the web page. They are all great, trust me.

Sugarfree All Stars, I think its they only have 1 cd out but this guy was the trio in the hosty trio but they finished #5 in vh1 unsigned band contest and after they split.

Then last but not least is Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, again great shows, great cd's they were called the Refreshments, you can get Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy at the cd stores or even used. I have bought over 6 or 7 cd's and worn out or give away. Start and play beginning to end, love it. Buy them all.

I really Phasecorrect, Tireguy and Sean have the same taste in music. I think they will love these bands. They do the b3 thing better than the brothers its just great.

I counted for insurance purposes over 1200 cd's and 700 classic rock albums. These guys are on the web and email me if you would like a sample of the stuff. If email is full My business is great but I expand weekly.

I want some new toons and screw the establishment and buy from the musicians.

ps: Do you remember the old Circus and Hit Parade magazines that had all the top albums listed. I got all my great music from what was ranked tops. Could a regular person set up a website that people send in cd's that I could listen to and some of my friends ( critics ) and sell off a setup web site. ( just a question? )


Try the Asylum Street Spankers. Texas swing with a jazz, rock, weird twist. A fabulous band, their website is
Brian Lee & the Jump Street Five

Bryan Lee completely lost his eyesight by the age of eight. His avid interest in early rock and blues was fostered through the ‘50s by late night listening sessions via the Nashville-based radio station WLAC AM, where he first encountered the sounds of Elmore James, Albert King and Albert Collins. By his late teens, Bryan was playing rhythm guitar in a regional band called The Glaciers that covered Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry material. Through the ’60s, Bryan’s interest turned to Chicago blues and he soon found himself immersed on that scene, opening for some of his boyhood heroes.

In January of 1982, in the midst of a particularly cold Wisconsin winter, Lee headed south to New Orleans, eventually landing a steady gig at the Old Absinthe House in the heart of the French Quarter. For the next 14 years, Lee and his Jump Street Five played five nights a week at that popular bar, developing a huge following and a solid reputation.

Check out his work at
Thanks for the tips. I'll have to check into them.

The problem that i've run into with hearing great "unknown" bands is that, many times, their live performances EASILY out-shine their studio efforts. While there is no price to pay for having a great sound and a lot of energy on stage, the costs start escalating pretty quickly if one wants to obtain excellent sonics in the studio and work with a good engineer. As such, what you hear from a "nobody" on stage is typically NOT what you get when you buy their "demo" or "small label" CD's. If you really do like their CD but your friends don't, it is probably because you're translating some of the energy that you experienced live to your recorded listening experience via memory. Since your friends didn't see the performance, they have to go by strictly what is on the disc. Hence, the lack of agreement as you are listening from two different points of view.

Having said that, my favourite bar band was "Loudmouth". These guys were kind of "hippy grunge metal with a blues influence". Seeing them live was always a treat, especially if they were playing on the "Sout' Side". Their CD's aren't bad either, but nothing could touch their energy / sound that they had when jamming live. There's just something about a 15 - 20 minute Zepplin / Sabbath influenced "cosmic space jam" complete with a "Chicago blues harmonica" that you had to experience live. Unfortunately, the band was signed, started having internal conflicts about money, etc... and broke up after putting out 2 discs. As far as i'm concerned, that was the biggest loss to the Chicago area "rock scene" that we've ever had to deal with. Sean

PS... Part of what you hear at a live rock event is speaker break-up / distortion and amplifier compression. As such, you have to be able to drive the system to the point of "explosion" on a regular basis without having anything explode. While "mega-watts" and tons of drivers will play very loudly and very cleanly, it will be lacking the "grungy grit" that you experience live from the distortion that the PA system itself contributes.

If you simply want to rock with reasonably good fidelity, pick up four Klipsch Heresy's and two down-loaded subs. Stack the Heresy's side by side on top of the subs. Each sub should house two sealed 12's per cabinet and be AT LEAST 4 cu ft per cabinet. You can also use four Klipsch Cornwall's or a pair of HIGHLY modified La Scala's to a lesser extent.

For amps, NAD's work pretty well as they are slightly warm and soft sounding ( reducing horn glare ) and offer "soft clipping", so you can drive the snot out of them without damaging the system from hardcore clipping. Use at least one 2600 or 2700 per pair of Klipsch with a separate amp(s) for the subs. This provides a massive "bang for the buck" rock based system.
I was recently at Knittingfactory music club ( on Magma(
OOPS not virtually but realy, live:-). You might not know this band but for anyone who likes Jethro Tull, King Crimson and a-little of classical music Magma can stay at the top of all rock bands eva eva.
You can get their CDs or records at mentioned website. Don't try to get them from half ebay or any other internet sales since you will simply overpay too much. The backorder waiting on these CDs is from 2 to 4 weeks but the point is that you get them 4x they retail elsewhere. So even if you won't like it you can doulbe or tripple the price and sell it.
Mpls finest...John Freeman(of Magnolias fame) and the Action Alert...great garage/mod power Treehouse records in Mpls if interested....
Also JOhn's previous band...the treehouse or let it be records in MPLS>.....

she is so talented its scary. very few STILL know about her
Hey I'm Chris Wiser with the Sugar Free Allstars. Just wanted to say thanks for the posting about us on the site. Just to let you know we are now playing as a Hammond B3/drum duo and have a brand new CD out called Dos Machos! which is available at our shows and will be available on our site soon. The site address is Thanks everyone