Great Artists with one great record

I was listening to Anita Baker's Rapture recently, and I was shocked to think the record is 27 yrs old, and she has really had nothing anywhere near the same level since.

This woman has one of the great voices I have ever heard, yet only has one record I have heard that is worth a listen. Are there any other artists you can think of that have not really come near their potential more than once?

Why can't someone take this woman into the studio, give her some songs, and make a great record??
Young people wouldn't download it much less buy it.
Macdadtexas-Have you given Anita Baker's 1990 release Compositions a second/recent listen? The production might not be as tight and polished as Rapture but this gives the musicians more room to breathe. Anita's vocals have never been better and the songwriting is less cliche and more introspective then on Rapture.
I'm not sure "great artist" applies, but The New Radicals were a terrific rock band that went "one and done". That one record, 1998's "Maybe You've Been Brainwashed, Too", was IMO one of the best rock records of the decade. The band's main man, Gregg Alexander, evidently decided that he didn't want to perform any more and settled into a career as a songwriter.
So you only like one of her albums. I guess her other Grammy win's and nominations were a mistake?I for one happen to like a few of her other albums. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to state one great album as if it is a fact!
Well since they only did one good album on Epic, a group called The Fabulous Poodles. Off of it were a few regional hits,Mirror Star and Roll Your Own.
The New York Dolls
Tsugury, I'm just stating the facts. That one album has outsold all of her others by a factor of 10.

One great album, some others that are liked by ardent fans.
Macdad, I've also been waiting 27 years for Anita's answer to the 'Rapture' album..