Great amp for Aerial 10t's

I am seriously considering purchasing the Aerial 10'ts. After reading that you must use very good quality ancilary equipment with these speakers, and considering that they can be somewhat bright with the wrong amp, can anyone recommend a pre and power amp that will make these speakers sing?
I have 10t's. Everything has it's place with these speakers. They'll show you how bad your cables are. I'm using BAT VK-D5 tube CD player, Audio Research SP-11 tube preamp, either Classe M-1000 monos or Levinson ML-3 amp. 10t's won't even come alive with less than 200w/channel. Amps that double their power output as ohmage drops will give the best results. I'm using Nordost Quattro Fil between CD/Preamp and MIT MH350CVT shotgun (20ft) between preamp/amp(s) and Transparent Music Wave Ultra speaker cable. I listened to different speakers for over a year before I made my decision. 10t's IMHO can smoke many speakers twice the price, if the rest of your system is up to the task. Paul
Not to muddy the waters too much. I have heard 10Ts driven very well by 60 wpc tube amps (Audiomat, Equilibre) and have been amazed (not enough to buy). I know that the 10Ts are reputed to like lots of power, but this challenges that theory. BTW, got the Audiomat got the DBL to 105 with no strain or clipping (volume pod only 1/3 the way). Go figure!
I live right near Aerial Acoustics and have heard them on many occasions and I have to say that they are probably the easily load out there. They are 4 ohms but are basically perfectly flat. I have had success as well with a 70 watt Conrad-Johnson Premier 11a tube amp. But I have also heard them with a 350 watt Levinson. And I have to admit. That if your buying these speakers for what they do best, which is playing full scale orchestra pieces such as The Pines of Rome at orchestral levels then more power is always welcome. It makes the speaker sound more relaxed. I've been able to clip a 600 watt Krell with these speakers at peaks before. But then again I'm satisfied with a 70 watt CJ tube amp. So its just up to personal perferance on how loud you listen to. but either is okay
Have 10t's with a Spectron digital switching high speed amp,and it is a real good match.Fast,powerful and no real sound character of its own.The spectron may not be the prettiest but sound quality and power at a not too crazy price is there.300/500 watts channel and their new one is almost twice as powerful for around 3000$.
My BAT VK-30 and VK-200 combo is AMAZING on the 10Ts; using Cal CL-15 CD and Audio Magic Spellcaster II ICs. The BAT doesn't run out of steam either! (200W into 4 ohms) Must be a verrry conservative rating. Major slam, incredible dimensionality and detail/transparency.
I have owned the current version of the 10t for 5 years now and have found them to be an easy speaker to drive. My first amp with them was a Classe DR15, which at 175 watts into 8 ohms was more than enough power to drive them in my room to 100db. The amp was dark sounding however so I upgraded to a new Classe 300 which was a great match and a bit more power at 300 watts. Then I had a chance to try a pair of BEL 1001 MK2 amps bridged in mono which are 200 watts into 8 ohms. While not quite as powerful as the Classe they were clearly a superior amp. I sold the Classe a year or so later and bought a single BEL 1001 MK3a which in stereo is rated at 50 watts per channel. This amp is a good example of the fact that you really cannot always pay much attention to power ratings as it had no difficulty driving the 10t's to satisfying volume. I did buy a second BEL MK3a a year later and the extra power did make a difference in how well the bass was controlled, so based on that I would say you might like to have more power, especially if you like to listen loud or have a large room (mine is 13ft by 22ft). I have a Classe 70 amp that I use in a surround sound system which I have tried on the 10t's and it sounded great. So I can see where the CJ 11a mentioned above would be satisfying as well. The Ayre V3 is a good match according to Michael Kelly, which is rated at 100 watts per channel.
I've had 10ts mated to an OCM 500 amp and OCM 88 pre amp for 5 yrs. and have felt no need to change the 500 is 200wpc/8ohms 400wpc/4ohms. They were mfg. by Magnum Dynalab and designed by David Belles. Great build quality and can be picked up used at a good price. The amp is tremendously fast with a slew rate of 200 and will put out a max of 100amps. Great combo!