Great 'Alternative' Rock recommendations

I need some new "alternative" rock recommendations that hit you like a sonic punch in the face. I've come across some great bands / releases lates (The National, Iron & Wine, Band of Horses, Spoon, etc.) but none of these are the types of releases to really get your through a workout.

When Rage Against the Machine released their self-titled debut, I could put a tape of that CD in my walkman (does that date me?) and power up the north shore of Chicago on my mountain (or road) bike - and love the pain. Then I'd put in Tool's "Undertow" and head back south. Wilco just doesn't inspire me that way (no offense to Jeff Tweedy et al).

Any recommendations? What am I overlooking?
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Just suggestions, not new but just in case you haven't heard these classic..ish.. albums through, nothing gets you through a workout like:

-Metallica's "Justice for All".

or their Garage Days RE-revisited 5.99 EP..

-Beastie Boys "Check Your Head" (Paul's Boutique is good too)

Been really down with the funk, jazz beats lately. Wickedly fast, complex, intricate drums, tight fast bass, slick airy lead guitar etc...

-Greyboy Allstars.

-Galactic "From the Corner to the Block"

You can test listen at HMV or virgin and see... but Metallica and ephredrine helped me add about 20lbs of muscle.. ..ummm back in the day.

And if you want to really go nuts.. and this should be done with caution... Slayer "Reign in Blood" circa 1985.
When I used to ride my stationary bike my favorite CD to work out to was The Spaghetti Incident by Guns and Roses. A lot of energy on this offering,covers of punk classics from Iggy to New York Dolls. I still listen to it when I walk on my treadmill.
These bands love to rawk!:
Tokyo Police Club (Canada)
The Raconteurs (Nashville)
Jimmy Eat World (Arizona)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (NY)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (LA)
The Ettes (LA)
Social Distortion (OC)
The Vines (Sydney, Australia)
Wolfmother (Sydney)
Jet (Sydney)
Bloc Party (UK)
The Libertines (UK: broke up three years ago)
I suspect that The Battles - "Mirrored" is exactly what you're looking for.
another great band (too bad their singer went awol) was "Neutral Milk Hotel" - " In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" is a truly great album!
The Eels' "Beautiful freak" is a great album as well...
Check out the debut LP from "Torche" - it's explosively heavy, and at the same time catchy with memorable songs. Some great overdriven guitar tones. It has that rare sort of energy that the first RATM LP had.

You might look into the band "Akimbo" as well. A little more raw, but the octane is there.