Great Album Purchases of 2005

Have the day at home today all to myself..(such a luxury) So while letting my Cary Amplifier Warm up on this cold day in VA, I have been going through my CD Collection and came across a few great albums I purchased year. Please share some of yours as well.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: HOWL
Mike Doughty: Haughty Melodic
Social Distortion: Sex, Love and Rock & Roll
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals: Cold Roses
Death Cab for Cutie: PLANS
Snow Patrol: Final Straw
Jackson Browne: Acoustic Volume 1
Colin Hay: Man at Work
The Killers: Hot Fuss
My Chemical Romance: 3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge
The Doves: Some Cities
Foo Fighters: In Your Honor
Stereophonics: Language,Sex,Violence, Other
Glen Philips: Winter Pays for Summer
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Eliza Gilkyson, "Paradise Hotel" (cd)
Richard Thompson, "Front Parlour Ballads" (cd)
Lucinda Williams, "Live at the Fillmore" (3 lp)
Charlie Musselwhite, "Sanctuary" (cd)
Robyn Hitchcock, "Spooked" (lp)
Ryan Adams, "Cold Roses" (2 lp)(great minds think alike, chris)
Lightnin' Hopkins, "Going Away" (2 lp, 45rpm)
Will Oldham, "Guarapero/Lost Blues" (2 lp)
Duke Ellington, "Blues in Orbit" (vintage lp)
The Sadies, "Favourite Colours" (lp)

and many others! A good music year....
Hey kid! Sorry but the only one I agree with on your list is the Jackson Browne. The remaster of his "Running on Empty" just came out on Tuesday and if you could wear a CD out, I would have's REALLY GREAT!

My short list would include:

Elton John: Remaster of Captain Fantastic/Brown Dirt Cowboy
Antigone Rising: From the Ground Up
Mark Knopfler: Shangralah
Alison Krauss: Lonely Runs Both Ways
Great stuff! I am a Rock & Roll junkie as you can probably tell by my selections but I purchase and enjoy all types of music. Keep the recomendations coming! Been listening all day, I cannot believe it is already 4PM... What a great day.

I'd have to say some of my favorites have been

Beck "Guero"
Jet "Get Born"
Chemical Brothers "Push the bottom"

I've been spinning these discs ALOT lately. Jet, I could listen to for hours during the summer. Everytime I was at home with beer, that CD was playing. "Close your Eyes" by the Chemical Brothers sounds more like a Smashing Pumpkins tune then a Chem Bros tune, its quite brilliant how different this latest effort sounds then the rest of their releases (which I also adore also.

I really do want to check out some Social Distortion, is there a particular album I should start with? I quite like punk, I have a couple albums by Rancid, a bunch of The Clash, and even todays pop punk like Blink 182 is quite fun. I've heard many great things about Social distortion, have to check them out.
the best of charles lloyd(atlantic/japan)vinyl......michael dinner/the great pretender(fantasy/japan)vinyl......holly cole trio/yesterday and today(emi/japan)cd

Nice Selections! Beck Guero is in my car right now. If you like Rancid, try these two Social Distortion albums.

Somewhere between Heaven & Hell
Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll.

I third the Ryan Adams "Cold Roses" album, great music and great recording. I'll probably buy the CD and take it with me to CES this year.

Also, New Mississippi Allstars "Electric Blue Watermelon". It was Stereophile recording of the month and its just good fun music to play.

I agree on the Cold Roses Disc. You should also pick Ryan Adams "Love is Hell" full release. It is a Stellar album. I also enjoy "Demolition" and "Rock & Roll" but "Love is Hell" takes the prize IMO.

I will have to check out the Mississippi Allstars. Sounds interesting..

- Feist "Let it Die"
- The Killers "Hot Fuss"
- Kaiser Chiefs "Employment"
- Hot Hot Heat "Elevator"
- Beck "Guero"
I'll jump in....

Aimee Mann "Lost in Space" MFSL has seen alot of spins.
Lucinda "Live at the Fillmore" is a great live recording with a "you are there" feel.
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter "Reckless Burning" Dark, brooding and intense.
Monk and Coltrane "At Carnegie Hall" 200g Mosaic LP is very nice indeed.
Dylan "Concert at Philharmonic Hall" (Bootleg Series Vol 5) on Classic Records LP set is a great historical snapshot.
Cold Roses is good. Jacksonville Skyline disappointing. For me, his best is "Heartbreaker" on Cooking Vinyl/Bloodshot LP. Great duets with Emmy Lou Harris and Kim Richey. Produced by Ethan Johns and instrumental support from David Rawlings and Gillian Welch. A SUPER must have if you are a fan.
Lori McKenna "Bittertown"
Kasey Chambers "Wayward Angel"
Any (ALL??) of the 45rpm series jazz recordings from Acoustic Sounds but if I had to pick Art Pepper meets the Rythem Section is fantastic.

Nice to see Ryan Adams fans. Both Cardinal albums are two of my favorites. I bought quite alot this year.

Recent lps:

1.Radiohead- "OK Computer". Nice pressing from Canada
2.The Mars Volta- "Frances The Mule". 3 lps
3.Regina Spektor- "Soviet Kitsch"


4.Gillespie/Hubbard/Terry/Peterson- "The Trumpet Summit Meets Oscar Peterson Trio" Incredible horn work.
5.Dizzy Gillespie- "Something Old, Something New"
6.Bob Dylan- "Live at The Gaslight" Starbucks release with the Dylan era I enjoy most.
7.Wilco- "Live In Chicago".
8.Belle And Sebastian- "Push Barman To Open Old Wounds". Nice collection.
9.Clifford Brown- "Complete Blue Note and Pacific Recordings". 4 superb cd box set.
10."Ellington At Newport". The remaster with new music.
11.CAN- "Ege Bamyasi" Love this album. This SACD remaster closes in on the lp....but not quite.
12.Cheb i Sabbah- " La Kahena" My favorite of the lot. Improves with each play.
Some of my favorite purchases this year :
1.Mary Gauthier - Mercy Now
2.KD Laing - Hymns of the 49th Parallel
3.Jennifer Warnes - Love Lifts us Up 1968-83
4.Branford Marsailis - Eternal
Happy listening
Nice thread...some of the below obviously were issued b4 2005 but these are the best I've purchased this yr

Maktub: Khronus: Alternative + Funk why these guys are not more famous is beyond me
Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation: yup that Robert ain't Led Zep, but it'll do. Very strong effort.
Jacqui Naylor: folk with a tinge of jazz...think Norah Jones but with more diversity in song-writing
Molly Johnson: Another Day. See above but with more artistic vision.
Porterhouse Quintet: Thumbs Up Little Buddy: funk out!

Jazz/Jam Band/etc
Joshua Redman: effort to include elements of funk and chill into trad jazz improvisation so far by J
O'2L: Doyle's Branch. Chill with some jazz piano...
TJ Kirk: self titled album. I'm a fan of almost everything Charlie Hunter, the man with the 8 string elec gtr, does.
Martin, Word & Mediski: End of World Party; their best album...groove to it!
Beastie Boys: In The Sound From Way Out. Yes them but its not rap...but their sole instrumental album. Very good grooves....more like Jam Band
Jeff Parker: Relative. guitarist for streches out on his solo album. Perky and angular fusion
Kurt Rosenwinkel: a guitarist with a singular voice that is of the best young jazz guitarists today
New Power Trio: Echo Park..piano trio with an edge..prefer to Bad Plus
Herbie Hancock: Gershwin's World. Hybird SACD. Forget about the recent Stabucks sponsered collaboration CD...this is the one you want
Ray Brown: Live at the Loa Hybird SACD. A classic, SACD really brings out the body of tone of Ray's double bass
One more, Bloc Party's Silent refreshing. A bit like Gang of Four but updated to present day.
Two more outstanding releases of 2005:

Sleater-Kinney, "The Woods" - The hardest rocking album I've heard in a long, long time. These girls make Led Zep sound like limp-wristed wimps.

Brian Jonestown Massacre, "Tepid Peppermint Wonderland" - This band rocks as if the 70s 80s 90s and 00s never happened. Sitar solo anyone?
Brad Mehldau "Day is Done"
Follow up, include Ryan Adam's "Love is Hell" to my above post. The_kid (Chris) was right, it is a fantastic album!