Great, affordable 720p pj...suggestion?

My old faithful infocus 4805 is having some issues after about 2000hrs over the last couple of years. I know this is not much hrs/time but I have this dark/shadow like area on the right side of screen that takes up approx 8 inches of the screen side. Not too distracting in most scenes but you know's a dinosaur and it has to go. So...what's the skinny on a great/cost effective 720p projector and from what dealer preferably online to save most? Thanks.
optoma hd65 looks even better than the 4805 (black level,color accuracy, rez (obviously), sharpness, etc. And I'm not even a fan of color wheel dlp's. But this one's a winner for like $800 retail at Best Buy! Infact, I've watched a couple movies on it thus far, and I nairly see rainbow issues, headaches, issues, any. The pic just looks great on a grey screen. Hope this helps
BenQ PE7700 for the longest time was being sold off at $750 online at the BenQ website.

I have a 7700 with a 116 DIY screen and it looks very good according to all reports.

The Projector people might be able to point you towards a few decent choices too.
This is one of the best budget the review at projector central. You get a free bulb from Epson if you buy before the end of the month.

You may like the Panasonic mentioned in the Epson review is the review of the Epson which also mentions the Panasonic.


uh, I meant the first choice in the retialers list for this reviewed item... the projector place... not projector people.
I like that epson 720...hhmmm. For a pinch more I could bump up to an optima hd20 and have 1080p. Honestly, I want best for buck as I was happy w/ 480p at 10ft away from 90in cheap screen. I am looking for reliability as well. Any better pic and I'll be all giddy as it's the audio that I focus on in most movies rather than video but a nice picture is a bonus.

The reviews there at Projector Central cover several models and makes. DLP & LCD.

What always makes picking out a 'best' whatever, is my fear I'll get less than or outright screwed. Given your current level of video and these offers being reviewed by PC... I don't believe you'll make a bad choice.... which ever way you go. I think all of them are substantial steps up from your now situation.

Get what you can justify buying and perhaps add a better screen. then, you will have made improvements across the board.

Check for service outlets closest to you so that's out of the way, and give which ever one you want most a call to their support dept and ask a few questions so you can decide better or be more comfortable with your pick... you'll have it for a while, might as well find out what sort of people you're getting involved with, huh?

Support has made my mind up for me more than once.... all else being about the same.
Yeah, I'm gunna say that that deal on the 720 epson looks muy muy bueno! While I've not seen it, it probably is a great choice for a great price, and you'll likely not loose. And if you go with one of the excellent high contrast gray, silver or black screens on the market (Any other pj out there besides the JVC's over the past few years can't do absolute black, regardless), I'm sure you'd be very very pleased if you can budget the $1000 price (hey, free bulb as to boot!).
Anyway, If it looks as good as the optoma hd 65, plus no color wheel/rainbows, has good brightness, and at least as good black level as the optoma, I'd consider that Epson too if 720 was acceptable to you.
For $1000 bucks though, you can get into 1080p dlp now, though. Although you're probably sacrificing black level and contrast from what I'm gathering.
You can always wait a month until more info's out on all the latest pj's. But there sure are lots of choices out there these days. Should be able to take a shot and be happy at one of the many geat deals out there. And that is a nice thought.

The brightness and vividness of the BenQ PE 7700 DLP are great. I've seen no color issues, rainbows, screen doors etc... and ask everyone that see's it if they do... and none have said yes yet.

The info here on screen color interests me a lot. I'm using a 1.0-1.1 screen material in an on wall 100 in. wide - 116 diag 16x9 on wall deal.

What happens if the screen is darkend and when would one want to go that way as opposed to a brighter screen?

I'd like more color prominence but hesitate to run things oversaturated... cartoon or comic book like as over saturating can do to colors.

LCD have more installation flexibility than do DLP. usually. i feel DLP is more natural looking though... and the opinions I get from others.