Great acoustic bass for subwoofer integration

Any recommendations for music with great acoustic bass? I am looking for recommendations for music to help me integrate a James EMB-1200 subwoofer to a pair B&W 803s (AVM-20 is the pre-pro, with Anthem MCA 50 amp).

I'm an acoustic bass player and you have many good choices. Here are the first that come to my mind: Beyond the Missouri Sky (Haden and Metheny), Cafe Blue (Pat. Barber-bass Michael Arnopol), Love Scenes (Diana Krall, bass Christian McBride) and Oregon in Moscow (Oregon-Glen Moore, bassist.)
One of these should help you dial it in. Good luck.
Brian Bromberg - Wood
Like Jsaah says, there's alot out there. Nude Bass Ascending is one of Glen Moore's best. The Marks Brothers, (Mark Dresser and Mark Helias) went out of print, but is worth paying a little extra if you can find it. Good For Cows/Less Than Or Equal To, is great (acoustic bass and drums duo). Beirach-Huebner-Mraz/Round About Monteverdi. This is the best recorded George Mraz i've heard so far.
Thanks for the recommendations!
Jsaah has some good ones, above. Gianmaria Testa's "Extra-muros" and Michel Donato/James Gelfand "Setting the Standard" are two more.