Been reading a few papers on Graphene and it's uses.
Rated higher than copper 
100 Ghz vs current Silicon at 2.9 Ghz
Wondering if  the audio manufacturers are researching and possibly implementing?
Interesting reads on this.
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Ptss go see the SR red fuse thread. Instead of repeating it all over again.

That's odd. You know, since Graphene is not used in the SR Red fuse. 

That’s odd Geoff. Your are all over that thread and made many comments about the black fuse and the graphene used on it. Very odd. You might need to go over to that thread to so things are not repeated. Thank you
Wouldn’t it make more sense if you just quote me? Or why don’t you just tell us what the answer is. It's not like it requires a whole dissertation. Nobody wants to wade through the entire thread.

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Don't hold your breath till they are using this stuff.

That's what they said about using Graphene in tennis racquets.

Stereo cartridge cantilever. Stereo cartridge body. Tonearm. Speaker cabinet. Capacitor jacket. Circuit boards, not the traces but the boards themselves. Microprocessor body. Cable and power cord jacket.

Addendum: Headphone cable. Headphone transducer. Headphone structure. CD label.