Graphene contact enhancer which one is best for the price and improvements

Is anyboody have compare these two "graphene contact enhancer". Perfect Path technology vs Mad Science Audio ? There is huge price difference between the two products.


In general, ya pays yer money, and ya gets yer choice. :-)

In the Perfect Path Technologies "Total Contact" thread, there were a couple of members who had said they were going to try the Mad Scientist product because it was a cheaper alternative. They never reported back.

I haven’t seen the MS product, but supposedly, its emulsifier is an oil that is quite messy. The PPT product has the consistency of a thick paste, easy to apply, and if you’re careful ... not messy at all.

On the expense ... There’s enough Total Contact in one tube to treat two large systems, or one system plus other applications, like a TV system, wall plugs, etc. And, it works like crazy.

Go to the "Member Review forum and check out the Total Contact review and the various comments from users. The only negatives in the entire multi-page thread came from those who hadn’t tried the product.

Here's the link:

As I believe Frank had discussed very early on in the Total Contact thread, it was the medium in which the graphene was suspended, that was a major part of Tim Mrock's R&D.  Again, if memory serves, Frank and perhaps a couple others were "Beta" testers along the R&D adventure and the medium was what Tim was tweaking.  It needed to be stable at containing the graphene and able to be spread in a consistent, yet thin manner.  The labor intensive nature of such R&D contributes to the cost of the final finished product. 
FWIW Total Contact is on a totally different scale of impact vis a vis any other contact enhancer that I've tried and I've tried quite a few in my time.  I do not have any experience nor have I ever heard any reviews of the Mad Scientist product.