Grant Fidelity Reference Tube CD-1000 Player

Any toughs about this Chinese giant killer compare to AYON, RAYSONIC and JUNGSON ???

How good it is ???
It IS a Junkson Impression Mk.II with a different sticker.
'Giant killer' must be your funny way of saying excessively gruesome & unwieldy...

However, it sure kills the others you mention... in regard to the number of music killing opamps it employs after the dac.

I guess you gets what you pays for though, at around $900 from ORNEC & Cattylink you sure get a lot of opamps, blue led's, plexiglass and aluminium.
Ok this is for all the chinese bashers out there, if you think that you are getting the same product for half the price that Grant Fidelity sells them, then your dreaming my friends, go ahead buy from Ornec or Cattylink but don't come complaining about HIDDEN COST - NO WARRANTY except D.O.A.- and quality control, just in case you don't know Grant Fidelity visit's China a few times a year to have a look on the gear they import, the way things are going for this company i think they must be doing somethings right, a good deal is good but when it sounds to good to be true WATCH OUT.
With Chinese kit, would you even know if the parts on the spec sheet are actually in the unit? Short of opening it up, you are always rolling the dice.

I've worked on matters where a large Chinese contract manufacturer made a certain consumer electronics product that violated US law because the maker used a part that was 40 cents per unit cheaper. All of the 1000 dollar plus units had to be recalled.

I am not impugning this company, but it is always risky.

Ask where the product was made? Is it the same factory as in the past or does the Western brand just bid the work on a model by model basis?

What quality control is done?

I share michaels skepticism. I looked at picking up their power conditioner and it said it ships directly from their hong kong warehouse? sales & importation taxes to be collected by courier? They claim it competes with other conditioners costing $700 & up? You cant even talk to anyone at the company, they communicate through email only. I would be very careful of anything these guys claim.
Not to impune the retailer, but they are based in Alberta, Canada. Were a problem to arise that wasn't resolved amicably or at least consensually, the fact that they are based in Canada means that you'd have to go there to sue as there'd be no jurisdiction in the US.