Grant Fidelity LS3/5A - opinions

I read the recent write-up in PF and was curious whether any members of the 'Gon had any actual listening experience with these speakers. Specifically I am interested in observations about the bass response for this small a speaker, and the quality of the high frequencies.
The Rogers LS3/5 is supposed to be built to the BBC spec's from what I remember.The Rogers doesn't have any low end bass,but it can give the illusion that it is a lot bigger that its actual size.The Rogers has nice highs and a midrange that is good on vocals,percussion,and a endless list.I believe the Rogers was 70-20,000 +-3db. I can't speak for the Grant LS3/5 because it may not be the same as the BBC spec built British monitors like the Rogers were,and I haven't heard them.It would be nice if someone did a comparison between them.
Haven't heard them but had some Chartwells for a time. Some discussion about it at the audio asylum:

On one hand, any originals still kicking around have to be a little tired. On the other hand, the knockoffs aren't true to the original and to some may even sound better. For about $400 less per pair Gini Systems has an Asian knockoff without the piano black, which wasn't available on the original either.

One thing's for sure, the originals were a garbage in garbage out speaker, if the material, source and amplification weren't up to snuff it showed.
are these 'under license' or is this a 'poetic license?'. there seems to be a flood of these...
True dat. I think the patent's run out so it's poetic/moot. In any event the drivers are different for sure.

To answer the OPs question, bass is a major deficiency. They didn't get the superintendent pounding on your door. An extended cabinet version for the diy enthusiast was intended to cure that but it created problems elsewhere in the presentation.

I dont think you can hear Grant's stuff other than at shows, no dealers. Most of his gear is based on existing Chinese products upgraded to his specs. Some of it is quite pricey given that origin.

I haven't heard these,but it may be an option.LINK>>[]
Its hard to figure where the newer Spendors fall into place like the ones for sale here.>>>[]
Sorry,these should work.>>[][]
I don't know anything about those sellers.
the stirling is the real deal or at least it has the bbc blessing....but not sure about the others
They are high end, low price, also very low quality.
Recently, bought a pair new shipped from LV warehouse of manufacture. But They look like used, stains were all over places. The grill of one speaker does not hold in place and needs glue to be fixed.
Rather to spend more for old Rogers. Never ever consider to buy this brand anymore!
I am unclear on which model you bought? Grant Fidelity has great customer service and makes their rep on offering quality control assurances for Chinese built products.
Just come across DSC200's post about his experience of the LS3/5A speakers from Grant Fidelity.

I do recall the transaction with the poster and have asked the buyer to provide a picture of the problems he reported. but we have never received any.

We stand by every product we sell. These speakers have been featured at a few hi-fi audio shows and we haven't received any other complaint about quality.

Rachel @ Grant Fidelity
deja vu....