Granite vs Wood DIY Audio Racks?

I recently upgraded my CDP which requires a bit more room than my current rack has to offer. While there are quite a few new racks I like, I find them to be a bit pricey so I figured I'd give DIY a shot.

The materials I'd like to use are either John Boos maple cutting boards (stained black) or granite slabs (black) which I can aquire at a local marble shop. While I prefer the granite looks wise, I rather choose the material which would sound better. Supports would be 1" threaded rod. Does anyone know where I can get 1" female threaded cones for the rods?

My listening room is on the 2nd floor and has an oak wood floor.

I appreciate any thoughts or recommendations.

I have done DIY in both mediums. My system seems to prefer the maple BoosBlock. If you want to upgrade from there, consider using brass rods, nuts and washers. Looks great with the maple, sounds better as well. McMaster-Carr has the brass hardware and they ship very fast.

I am currently experimenting with a rack that uses 3/4" granite as a bottom shelf and Maple as a top shelf (2 shelf rack)

I use 5/8"-11 threaded rod for mine so I am not sure about 1". As far as cones go, you might want to contact Audiogon member Twl. If I'm not mistaken he is associated with a company that might be able to accomodate you.

Best of luck in your rack building project!
Very nice system, Steves71. The 1" threaded rods are overkill and will also lead to increased expenses. I'd suggest sticking with 5/8-11 inch thread.

TWL works for Star Sound Technologies who mfg'er the best Audio Points in the business and perhaps the best rack in the business (The Sistrum rack).

I have some extra Audio Points tapped for 5/8-11 inch threads if you need some. These are custom as this thread and pitch is not a standard one they keep in supply.


Thanks for your advise and leads. I see you made a very fine DIY rack... wanna sell it? and save me the trouble j/k. As for the brass 5/8-11 that maybe a better choice. Cheaper and should match nicely w/ the C-Js. I'm curious, what were the sonic differences between the wood vs the granite shelves.

Brass can be pricey. 5/8"-11 2ft rods are about 15.00 each. Add about 60.00/shelf for the BoosBlock, and you can see how HQ racks can add up in cost.

Stenho is right-on, on the Audio Points. they are the best. You might want to take him up on the pre-tapped ones. You won't be sorry. You also might want to look at his DIY efforts too. He has some very good ideas in rack design.

As for the sound differences: In my situation, with my system, and my room, the all granite rack seemed bright, almost "ringy' in presentation. Even though it was rock solid (pun intended) and looked "mahvelous", I prefer the warmer, darker results with the gear on maple/brass. YMMV.

Sorry missed your post and thank you. Great rack you made there. I'll definitely take you up on those audio points and thanks for the offer. Please drop me an e-mail with the details.


Did you buy the Boos at Home Depot or from a website? I think I'll start tomorrow if home depots carries them. Mcmaster usually gives us same day delivery so hopefully tomorrow night they'll be done.

Man, I need to know where I can buy some patience.

Thx guys,
I'm with Slip, I've tried both and much prefer the butcherblock. It doesn't need to cost a lot of money and really doesn't require a great deal of skill. Have fun! Jeff
If you want one inch female threaded cones try member esoler. Outstanding work.

Hi Jeff,
Great shelf. What part did you use to countersink the top nut. I'd like to try that.
Steve, drop me an email if you'd care to know more about my techniques but suffice to say I used pretty common tools to build my rack. Truth be told I experimented and posted my findings, and have since built other racks, but I think Slip took the concept to the next level.

Regards, Jeff
On the top shelf I did not use washers. I drilled about 1/2" down with a one inch drill bit, then the rest of the way with a 5/8" bit. Rather than use the standard 5/8" #11 plain old nuts on the top, I used the locking type (with a nylon insert). I tightened them til they locked, then used the nut underneath the top shelf (that does have a washer) to crank it and pull the locking nut into the 1" recessed hole. Hope this explanation makes sense...
Believe it or not, the best prices I found were at a Williams-Sonoma retail store. They have all sorts of sizes. I got 24" x 18" x 1 1/2" at 62.00/shelf.
Get a hold of Jahaira. He uses a DIY rack with granite, marine plywood and rubber/cork/rubber mats under the granite. I've seen his rack and consider it way superior to most aftermarket products.
OK guys. Finally finished it w/ some Boos blocks. Actually more than an hour ago, but I wanted to listen to some music. I love it. It seems to me I'm getting a bit more detail and defintion. Where as before it was a bit muddy. I'm gonna post some pics under virtual systems.

THANK YOU ALL for your advice and input.

I also picked up some smaller Boos for the amps. Once I cone them I should be done at least for a couple of days :)

Thanks again.

Best Regards,
I apologize for jumping into this thread this late, but I remember a thread a few weeks ago where a lot of the regulars here chimed in with their opinions on pine being the superior material for audio shelving.

Anyone want to tackle this issue?

I intend on pushing forward with some racks in the late summer/fall and would like to hear what people think.
Trelja, I remember that thread. I think they were talking about laminated pine. Nrchy had posted to the thread. Maybe he will chime in. The ideas and opinions were pretty positive about it. Nate?
Sorry Trelja, just found the thread. You were posting to it also. I knew there were people with great ideas posting to that thread ;-)