Granite under wood for better isolation?

I have some slabs of granite and I would like to know if I ordered 2 inch thick maple to go over (lay on top of the granite) the granite would this work to provide good isolation for my turntable and CD player? I do not like the sound of the granite alone.
2 inch thick maple ought to do it by itself without the granite. But if you just need a place to store the granite - well, underneath the maple would work.
I have a similar setup with a 1" granite base. I used a 1" MDF board and sandwiched a 1/4" cork it has isolated all floor noise to zero and ever getting back to my turntable. MDF is allot cheaper and more effective.

Go down to your local home depot and pay $1.00 for a scrape piece. They will even cut it to size.

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