Granite instead of an amp stand?

What about a large block of marble or granite instead of a traditional amp stand?
OK guys I have heard all about this Maple butchers block. My question is where is there a good place to purchase some? I need at least 2 for my VK 60 mono's 17"X24"
Sreno: Try looking in the yellow pages under chef/kitchen or restaurant supplies. It is probably cheaper to buy localy due to the shipping weight. They have them at my local "designer" lumberyard, but they are expensive and only come in a max 22" length. Also if it is a glue lam I am told that the laminations must be "vertical" in order to get the benefit. I have a five foot 2 1/2 inch thick block from a failed restaurant that I cannot lift or cut. When I get around to building free standing shelves I will have it delivered to a stone cutter with templates and have then do the work. While we are on the subject of bases and supports - we have plaster/fixall floors under are carpeting. Once I got the speakers located I took up the carpeting and chiseled out enough of the mix to toenail two by twelves (Pine) in between the floor joists. The speakers stand spikes work better (stay level) and I think that it sounds better (less mucky) as well. The pine platforms are covered by carpet and then an area rug on top of that, don't know how this effects the sound though as I had to cover up my work quickly before my wife returned home.
Gee DK, how interesting... Anyway back to Doug's suggestions about putting points under the marble... we had a long thread on shelving material. I suggest looking at that, as it seems the multilayer materials have it down. Maybe lay that on the marbles with tiptoes underneath. Wow, my Zoethecus stand cost that much? Geez! I bet the rack, on it's way, is a lot more.