Granite Audio Triode Tube amplifiers ?

Hello guys I'am looking for some feedback on these amps, sound quality... etc.Anybody using them or heard them ? I picked up a prototype for a good price..just waiting on the FEDEX guy! Don't you just hate that!!! Your comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
I have not heard the prototypes, and am not sure which amplifiers you are referring to.

I have been around the tube monoblocks, running KT88, and the 650 CD player. Both are very nice. Build quality seems quite good, and the sonics are commendable.

My one caveat is that resale value seems to be quite poor.
Actually it's a Jim Munzer prototype.One of the designers of Granite Audio amps.I thought I would give it a try and dive into the SET world for awhile.Thanks for you comments.
I had no idea of them getting into SET. Sounds very interesting! From what I have seen previously from Granite, it should probably be as good as any you'll find.

Please let us know here on Audiogon what you think of them. Enjoy!!!
I got a pair of 860.1 monoblocks a while ago and I'm very satisfied so far. What I particularly like about them, are the endless possibilities of tweaking their sound. You can switch tubes (KT88, EL34, 6550), you can switch between triode and pentode mode and invoke a contour switch, which provides various degrees of feedback. Plus, when you don't use the volume pot as attenuator, it does an excellent job as noise pot.
The amp came originally with KT88 tubes, which provided deep, powerful and well defined bass in comparison to my BAT VK-60. Also, the air-around-the-instruments feeling was a bit better with the Granite Audio amps. On the other hand, the 860.1 with the KT88 sounded a tad dark and didn't have the sweet midrange of the BAT. When I switched to EL34 (Electroharmonix), the sound was very similar to the VK-60, regaining that midrange magic I was missing without loosing too much of the bass definition.