Grand Rapids, Michigan

Third Coast Audio Society is Michigan's newest audio group.

Our purpose is to experience reproduced music at its best in our homes. We will share, pursue and grow our audio hobby through member experience, events, product demonstrations, system sampling through each member's personal audio journey and taste.

Our common interests include the promotion of quality recordings played via vintage, current and cutting-edge products and technologies.

We will welcome networking with industry professionals, retailers, representatives and others for the benefit of members in support of the society’s purposes. Industry members from product manufacturers, engineers, distributors and retailers have expressed their support and enthusiasm for re-building our West Michigan Audio Community.

You are invited to help build the foundation of our Society as we learn and share audiophile magic for the next generation.

To receive a copy of the charter or to be included in future notifications please visit
or call Jim (616)828-3567

Here's to new friends, great music and audio toys.
Thanks to the handful of 'early adopters' in the West Michigan area, TCAS may have a chance to sing. Please contact us to learn more about upcoming room tours and informal get togethers.
The website for this group is no longer online. I was wondering if it still exists I'd love to be in a hi fi club in Grand Rapids.