Grammys sound like a clock radio

It would be nice to be able to get good sound out of a musical event. It sounds horrible. I've never heard such poor playback.
Didn't watch it, but poor sound typically is introduced at the local level such as TV station or Cable head-end, but I haven't worked in live transmission in a few years. Analogue transmissions sounded much better than today's sound.

This is an article about last years Grammys. Anyone who's done live sound may appreciate this...

“By using the best and most advanced tools, we guarantee the highest fidelity for every performance."
My home theater rig and my 2-channel system are separate and my HT isn't quite up to the same level as my 2-channel, but I thought the Grammys were excellent.

I got fantastic Dolby Digital sound through Comcast on my HT. I was very pleased with the sound quality, other than a few dropouts.
Mofi- I agree about SQ but if you're referring to the silences in Beyonce, JZ and a few others, I thought that they were bleeped. I could be wrong. I really liked Keith Urban-Thomas Green trading guitar solos.
Swamp...I was initially thinking the same thing but the dropouts, (or bleeps) seemed much longer than usual. I don't follow or listen to rap/hip hop, so I really don't know the lyrics. You're probably right though.
The sound was more than decent here (@ home in West Hollywood
through Warner Cable).

I even turned up the volume a few times (to drown out my wife's

Perhaps your cable provider is to blame?

We did experience sound drop-outs as well as the screen switching to

Think the B&W issue is caused by a lower signal, per what I've read
about TW on the net.
Poor sound quality definitely happens at the local level, especially since the change-over to digital. It leaves the venue, then the TV network in pristine condition.

The worst example I've experienced of bad digital video and audio is Comcast in Phila./South NJ area, also CT. Super-compressed sporting events and lots of dropouts. They've been using old lines from the analogue days, but are slowly replacing them.
(I've worked for Comcast in various production capacities; not as a cable installer, thank God).
My off-air HD audio rocked (well, as much as it could) with my little NAD.
poor sound quality at the Grammy's is always a welcome. What better excuse to turn it off.
Well, it wasn't terrible to me, but it did seem like they mixed the vocals a bit low on some of the performances.

Also, do they expect anybody to believe Pink was actually singing during her acrobatic/gymnastic performance? She was spinning and climbing up and down all over the place!
I muted the TV and placed a cat over my eyes during Pink's performance.

Pretty certain my wife grabbed the other cat milliseconds later, but I'll ask her about it anyway.
me and the girlfriend both thought it sucked. Personally I thought the vocals in more then a few performances were way to low compared to the music. In addition I really was not blown away by any of the acts. Also quite a few people who have lost their vocal skills sang really poorly. Age catches us all.

Maybe it was the cable but I know I have seen music over my TV via PBS that sounded WAY better then the Grammys.