Gram Slee Mk V. to EAR to new cartidge????

I have older Well Tempered table, and have a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S Wood, same cartridge as Viruoso Wood dealer said, just not speced quite as well. I need more emotion, while still attaining a "forward transparency and feeling of presence".

The Gram Slee Mk. V throws a huge open soundstage with lots of transparency, but not sure if it or the Clearaudio is guilty of the lack of "human-ness" and real "presence" of voices in the room. No tears yet from my eyes!

Ordered a EAR 834 to try and see if tubes will help. Will get it next week and give it a run. Not sure what type of 12AX7 tubes are stock in the unit, so I am open for some tube and mod suggestions. If not this then I will try different cartridge. Maybe Benz Glider with the G. Slee V.

AT last resort, I will try a step up tranny with Shelter 501 and G. Slee. I hear the Shelter has "presence".

Right now my Jolida CD player is sounding better than my turntable set up overall, throwing a much taller soundstage as well. Ultimately, I want to get a Teres table, but that is a ways away ($3000).

Any constructive thoughts for the interim. I know I can mod the EAR. And I have tweaked the Well Tempered (VTA, paddle depth, etc). I love the design of this table, but it may not be the best sonically compared to other tables in today's market.

By the way, I have tried several interconnect swaps and mixtures. What I got right now sounds best to my ears. More interested in gear changes right now rather than fine tuning with interconnects. Your constructive opinions are most welcome.

I run McCormack DNA 1, hot rodded passive, and Maggie 1.6 speakers with bass traps and full room treatments. Listen to 70's rock, blues, jazz, and love the female voice.

As a side note to all of this, I would like to thank all of you that have answered my questions and comments in the past. It is only because of some great and caring individuals here that I am enjoying music so much.

What you say you are missing when listening to vinyl is what should be there and is one of the reasons vinyl sounds better than CD. If you are missing presence and whatever you mean by human-ness with the analog, and your digital has a taller soundstage, then I would tend to think that something isn't right with the table setup rather than having an issue with component matching. Is the ss height a dramatic difference? Are you confident your cartridge is aligned properly? Are you confident the table and arm is setup properly, doesn't have any mechanical issues and is setup properly? As for things to try, you seem to be trying all you can and getting a tube preamp is a good idea. If your 834P is new (BTW, is it MC/MM or just MM?) then you will really want to punt the stock tubes and I would recommend some of the Mullards from Upscale Audio to get some emotion. I would also consider trying a good 5751 in the front valve position (v3) rather than a Mullard. This combination results in a really nice balance of warmth and detail IMO. If you like what the EAR does, and its the MC version, then you might want to try the Denon DL103 if your arm can handle it. I have the DL103 and a Shelter and if you like rock, female vocals etc, then the DL103 is a much better value for your money than the Shelter and it will work great with the 834P. I have not heard a Clearaudio before, I have read that some of there stuff can be kind of cold sounding and maybe thats what your problem is. The Denon or even a Shelter if you have the $$$ sounds like your cup of tea.
Sounds to me like your VTA is not set right. Try lowering you tonearm just a little bit and see what happens.