Graham Tone Arm/Orbe Turntable

The latest Graham tone arm weighs 2.6 lbs, and according to the U. S. Ditributor for Orbe, the maximum ideal weight of the tone arm and arm board fitted to an Orbe should not exceed 1 kilo or 2.2 pounds , which would obviolsly be exceed by the weight of the Graham arm without even including the weight of the arm board. Has anyone used a Graham arm with an Orbe , and if so , has it affected the performance of the Orbe given that the weight of the Graham exceeds the specs for the Orbe . The Distributor says the extra weigh affects how quickly the suspension system of the Orbe returns its steady state after the table has been "excited" and can cause an assymetrical vibration of the turntable .
He is correct. The only Graham arm that will work is 2.2. Phantom is just too heavy. I currently use a SME V, but there are several owners that are very happy with Graham 2.2. I've been contemplating about adding a 2.2 as a second arm....

I saw a post somewhere someone had attached a Dynavector arm onto his Orbe. Not sure how that worked out as that arm is even heavier than the Phantom. I e-mailed the guy but never got a reply.

I used a 2.2 for years on an Orbe SE and found it a very enjoyable combo. It's definitely the Graham to use on an Orbe.