Graham Supreme 10 inch mounting

Hi! Since Mr Graham is very hard to get a hold of,
Can anyone tell me the correct mounting distance for a Graham with 10 inch wand? ie spindle center to pivot center.
If you have the tool kit for your Graham its very easy to set up, place the nipple on then spindle then align the tonearm so the outer hole in the tonearm fits of the nipple and the tonearm is placed the exacting distance from the spindle - very ingenious I think.

Anyway, have this information from Mr Graham supplied to me for use with my GrooveMaster Vintage Direct Tables

Effective Length:
9" = 235mm
10" = 248mm
12" = 309mm

Spindle to pivot distance:
9" = 217.4mm
10" = 229.4mm
12" = 295.6mm

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Thank you so much.
I asked the question because I was not supplied with any protractor for my long arm. Your answer is very complete, much appreciated!
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You actually do not need a protractor for the Graham, the arm it self is the "protractor" Theres two holes drilled in the head shell these are whats used to set the spindle to pivot distance and to mount the cartridge in the head shell once the arm base is mounted to the plinth.

The outer hole is the spindle to pivot distance, and is to be used with the small plastic nipple that placed on the spindle. Both holes together places the arm wand in the exacting position in the mounting fixture supplied with the arm, to align the cartridge in the head shell. Ill post a few pictures on my systems page to better illustrate this. I think its among the most ingenious designs made for setting up tonearm geometry.

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Posted a new System to detail the Graham Setup, Enjoy your new Tonearm

Graham Alignment

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From e-mails with Bob (and 10" armboards produced for my Galibier customers), the 10" arm is:

Eff length: 247.000mm, p-s 230.283mm.

If you use 248mm effective length, then the correct BAERWAALD p-s is 231.356mm.

I take it down to 3 decimal places because we CNC machine our armboards. Basically, get it as close as you can, and if you have the SME style mount, you can compensate after the fact ... not so much with the Graham mount.

Download John Ellison's protractor from the enjoy the music site for Baerwaald and Loefgren paramenters.

I have a lot of respect for Bob's engineering, but the alignment gauge has one critical flaw: It doesn't stabilize the unipivot and your results will therefore vary.

It's much better than nothing, but if you own a tonearm of this caliber, then you owe yourself a MintLP or similar quality arc protractor. You want to be able to adjust your overhang/effective length to within .001". It matters.

Thom @ Galibier Design