Graham Phantom on TW Acustic Raven?

I'm finally about to get my TW Acustic Raven AC-1. Is there experience and shared information on how to set up a Graham Phantom Mk II on a TW Acustic Raven AC-1 to share with me? I've always had a table where I just precisely drilled the TT location hole right into the plinth by a template. I'm no dummy, having mounted arms for over 30 years, but his TW set up looks a just little trickier with it's movable arm board. Is it? Any pitfalls?
Gerrym5, I have a triplanar on my AC-1 but arm board tips should apply to most applications.

I broke down my setup, removing the arm board, last weekend to experiment with isolation items under the table. Setting things back up was a snap - though I have played a lot with the tools to do so.

One, I found that a really good protractor or two to be essential. I use a Feickhert to get the pivot to spindle very close and then use a Mintlp to fine tune. The combination is far better than the Tri supplied mirror tool.

This may be obvious, but tighten the arm board bolt enough so the thing does not move. I had mine shift a couple mm with normal use before I noticed. I also found that I need to tighten with care so as not to rotate the arm board in the process.

For me it is always worth it to double check in a few days or weeks.


Did you buy your table from Jeff Catalano at Highwater Sound? If you did, he can help you in any way you wish. If you bought your table on the used market, I feel certain that Jeff would be more than willing to help you with set-up. He's a great person and extremely helpful. You should contact him.

I agree with all Tdaudio indicated. I use a Tri-Planar/Transfiguration LO Orpheus. Set-up via WallyTractor Universal with marvelous results. Tightening the armboard screw should be firm but not too tight. Don't play plumber with your audio. Same holds true for your cartridge screws.
I have TW RAVEN AC1 with PHANTOM 2 ORPHEUS cartridge set up by Jeff GREAT COMBO ANALOG HEAVEN!! This table is much better than any table i have had over 40 years.
I fitted the latest Graham Phantom II to my TW Raven One (Transfiguration Orpheus L mc) in June. With a MINT protractor made specially for this combo I found that the Graham spindle jig methos for arm alignment was slightly off. I spent many hours using the MINT protractor to get the alignment spot on. The Raven armboard, mounting arrangement does give alot of scope for aligning the arm/cartridge.
Some pictures here:-
I used a Feickert for mine and it was pretty straight forward. Select the appropriate effective length, pivot the arm board with the arm mounted until it lines up with the center of the bearing cup, then go through the painfully detailed process of aligning the cart and you're good to go.

Or, you can use the Graham supplied jig thing but when I compared it with the Feickert, one of them was off and the Feickert setting sounded much better so I'm guessing it was the jig that wasn't quite perfect or I have tin ears and like a poorly set-up table... I guess anything is possible. :-)

Great combo, I'm sure you'll love it.... I sure do!
It is a snap as Tdaudio points out.
As others suggest above I also highly recommend the purchase of a Wally or a MintLp arc protractor for precise set up that goes well beyond the factory Graham jigs, as good and well thought out as they are.