Graham Phantom + Mint LP

Has anyone ordered a Mint LP for their Phantom recently?
If so, what is the spindle to pivot distance you have given Yip?
This is not indicated on the spec page of the installation manual.
Should this value be the same for every type of turntable or can it be different. Mine is a Sota Cosmos.
I have the spindle diameter and the effective length (235mm short version)
Is it just best to measure the spindle/pivot distance with a ruler.
Thanks Guys.......
I purchased a MINT Tractor for my Phantom a few months ago, it made an incredible improvement . I found i was 1mm out using the Graham jig but that was because i have the cartridge spacer installed and the Graham jig does not work with the cartridge spacer. I was not able to find the spindle to pivot distance so i emailed Graham and he didn't give me the info just said he was coming out with a new jig that will work with the cartridge spacer.

Mint has all the info already he has sold several for the Phantom just email him your spindle dia.
The correct spindle to pivot distance for the Phantom is 217.4mm
I contacted Bob about this several months ago and he responded. I think his jig works extremely well, although I do agree it does have issues when using the spacer. I just double check with a good arc protractor to verify alignment and overhang.
From memory I do believe the spindle to pivot distance for the Phantom B-44 arm is 217.4 mm and as Frank mentioned.

Yip of MintLp may very well have the specs for your table's spindle diameter.
This is important as commented through out the threads, the fit of the Mint protractor is machine shop accurate for any table brand.

Initially I installed and set up my Phantom and new cartridge with the supplied Graham jigs.
Out of pure curiosity I doubled checked my set up with a Feikert protractor and found the results to be in-line with the Graham jigs.

Then came the MintLp arc protractor which proved the Graham cartridge jig and Feikert set up disk slightly wrong.
For sure the MintLp is more accurate.

I understand Bob Graham has revised his cartridge jig for the series two Phantom.

Smoffatt do you have the series two?
In any case I would still order the Mint.
I too ordered the Mint LP for my Phantom + Raven One.

I found I could not see the stylus and cross lines well.

I researched many different devices to be able to better see

what is going on with the alignment.

I ended up ordering a very cool fiber optic device from overseas

that allows me to see well the alignment of the stylus.

The downside is that it is well over $200.

I was thinking maybe of importing them and selling them here, but I dont think the time and effort will be worthwhile. l'll probably just end up
posting a major thread with pictures so that people can see exactly what they will be able to see before making the investment.