Graham Phantom Length

Does anyone know the pivot to headshel length of the Graham Phantom? I am building a dustcover and wanted clearance.

Thanks in advance.
I'm measuring about 9 1/4" from the middle of the pivot to the end of the headshell, but the carts stick out a bit more from that.

The sound I'm getting out of the Graham on my Raven One is so excellent after having Thomas from TW Acousic here in my apartment to adjust it, that I'm staying with this setup for quite some time.
Does anyone who uses or tested Graham Phantom with Michell Orbe can comment whether this is a good match? I see Michell owners generally go for SME arms in case they dont use Rega or Michell Tecnoarm.
I have a Michell Orbe SE with Tecnoarm, and consider tonearm to whether SME-V or Graham Phantom. Any help appreciated.
go with the phantom
ive used mine on several decks and have never regretted buying the graham arm.
in my opinion it is clearly superior to the sme5
your orbe will thank you for it
As I understand it both the Gyro and Orbe are designed for an arm + armboard weight of 1 Kg, and the phantom weighs approx 1.1 Kg on its own
Mmike, all I can say is currently I use Phantom with Orbe SE, with Transfiguration Phoenix cartridge and since the installation of Graham, I never thought any other tonearms. Michell is providing a special armplate for Graham so the original SME armplate should be replaced with Graham armplate which weighs a bit different.
Is the special armplate for the phantom on a sme mount?, and are you able to adjust the orbe suspension correctly?.
My interest in this is that I am currently attempting to put a phantom on my gyrodec and had a few questions, good to hear its ok on an orbe may just have to upgrade.
Mmike, yes it is for the phantom on sme mount. Before I decided to go with Phantom, I called Michell Engineering, they are very friendly and helpful and provided the armboard as well as telling me there are many happy Orbe owners using Phantom. I am not sure whether Phantom can be used with Gyro by the way, weights are different.
You should contact to Steve Rowland (a wonderful man and an audiophile) from Michell Engineering for best info or contact to your Michell dealer.