Graham Phantom I vs Dynavector 507 MK2

Happy New Year to you all.
Just want to inquire if anyone here have compared both arms ?
How are they different in terms of sonic character ?
The table would be the Raven One.

thanks all.
I have owned the Graham Phantom I (now one the II) and have listened extensively to a friends Dynavector 507. Our systems are different, but I prefer the sonics of the Graham. Something that is directly comparable is the ease of use and for me the Graham with its VTA on the fly and cartridge alignment jig is much easier for me to use.
thanks for the reply.
is there a big difference between the Phantom 1 and the Phantom II ?
The Dynavector allows VTA (and VTF) on the fly as well.

Sonics of the arms cannot be compared without common ground i.e. auditioning on the same turntable.

Dealer disclaimer
I agree with Audiofeil. My comparison is not on the same table and setup.

Also, I did not know the 507 allows for on the fly VTA adjustment. It is conceivable that my friend did not know how to operate that feature. My recollection is that it involved loosening a nut and then raising or lowering the arm column by hand.

Regarding the improvement from Phantom I to II, I'm afraid there was too much time between my upgrade from I to II to be very specific. Simply, I like the Phantom very much for a) the precise and user friendly jig, b) the precise feeling of its controls and beautiful machining, c) the ability to have more than one arm wand, and d) sonics. Perhaps I would have liked the 507 if I had experience with it in my own system. Sorry, that is not a scientific report. Perhaps others will chime in with more precision.
thanks for the information share... appreciate it.