Graham Phantom B-44 shipping question

I gotten conflicting opinions on this question. When one ships a Graham Phantom B-44 do you leave the damping fluid in or removed? If removed, how does one remove all dumping fluid and make sure that it is super clean without harming anything?
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Remove the fluid as your manual recommends. The syringe the fluid comes with can also be used to draw most of the fluid out. Cotton Qtips to remove any remaining fluid.

The following is Directly from the Graham manual!
IMPORTANT! During any reshipment or transport of the arm, or if the arm will be tipped over, the fluid MUST be removed, using a cotton swab stick. Carefully scoop out some fluid with the cotton tip and wipe it off onto a paper towel. Repeat this until well is empty.Also wipe off the bearing point in the housing cap. Be carefull not to allow any fluid to drip down between black pivot housing and bearing well as it is difficult to clean silicone fluid from this area.
Read the manuals for proper knowledge and not opinions as the buyer sure would not be pleased having to clean silicone fluid up from his new purchase making it a Negative experience!
Add to the above , I recall a review of the 1.5tc that the reveiwer sent without removing the silicone and his arm (Steven Stone) required a rebuild to clean and repair the mess it left. Should be reason enough to remove it before removing arm and shipping.
Has2be, guess I was just nervous about doing it. Your comments helped gives me more confidence that its fairly straight forward.
Depends on how much fluid there is left in there. If very little, i just leave it on.
Selling AND Shipping a Phantom Arm? It is simple, but the bearing cup has to be removed. There is a blue protection cover for it. After that it has an advantage when the fluid has been removed... :-)
No fluid clean out bering with q tips alcohol.Nobody ships with fluid!!!