Graham Phantom ArmWand ?

Appreciate any help with wands for the Phantom I. I assume I have the Phantom I because it appears the II had the VTA Level and mine doen't. I own two wands and the one I bought used can not hold a candle to the one that came with the tonearm. For that matter I can not get the 2nd one to image at all....maybe that was why the seller sold it. They appear the same but one does weigh more. Anyway to my question...I want to buy another 2nd wand and am confused. From what I have read there is the aluminum wand that I think was on the earlier tonearms, then there is the the ceramic one that I assume is what came with my Phantom I, and now I see there is a titanium wand that comes with the Phantom II.

Will the titanium wand work with my tonearm? And I would assume it sounds as good or better than my ceramic one?

I now own 2 cartridges and have the need for the 2nd wand and want to move on past the 2nd ill sounding one I now own.

Thank you for your thoughts.
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I would call Bob or the distributor for advice. I do think the titanium wand should work well with Phantom I. I have Phantom II. One of the upgrades from I to II is the titanium arm wand.
I suggest you Email Bob Graham with your questions.
He may take a little while to answer?
I have been through the (email or call Bob) thing and was hoping you folks could offer advice. Will speak with a disti of choice then.

Thanks for your time.
Try Arturo at Axiss Audio at either [email protected] or [email protected] When I had some issues correctly accomodating a Phantom Mkii with 10" Ti arm wand on my TNT mkIV, Bob always cc'd Arturo and Axiss on our e-mail exchanges. I believe they are his US ditributor.

Email me and I can give you Bob's direct Email address.
He does care about his customers.
He has my Phantom II for check up/repair for more than 2 months now and does not respond to follow up query in the last few weeks. Very frustrating.
I was told by Bob (email) that the Phantom II can use a Phantom I armwand. I emailed him & was replied to immediately. Never tried it though . I happened to have a very nice synergy w. my Phantom I w. my Colibri. With my Phantom II there is less synergy. Could be me & not getting the setup but I am pretty good at it IMO so I am guessing it is either the armwand or internal cabling but not sure. Colibris are a pain to setup though but once you get it right the sound is amazing.
This thread is turning into a Bob Graham thread and that was not my intention. I was really hoping for personal thoughts based on experience. I have now reserched this second ill sounding wand I own and it is the same as my (sounds great)wand....they are both ceramic. I do plan on sending the ill sounding wand to Bob with no expectations. I have also, yesterday, purchased the newer Phantom II Titanium wand.
Thanks to all,
My apology for taking this in the wrong direction. I hope you will get an answer to the mystery.