Graham Phantom Armwand

Does anyone know if the Phantom armwand that came with the 1st version is identical to the new Series 2 version. Connector end, internal wiring etc....
Any feedback appreciated. I may email Bob just to make sure.
NO its different. series one is ceramic and series 2 is titanium. cabling is different as well.
connector end would be the same.
From what I have read and a quick conversation with Bob GRaham, it seems to be a slightly different flavor of sound, without one being truly superior than the other. The change from ceramic was due to the fact that a few customers dropped their arm wand and it broke, facilitating the new more break proof titanium version.

I thought about selling my ceramic and ordering a new titanium, but decided against it. Unless of course I decide to get a second armtube. Then I would buy the titanium and play with the new vs. classic version, depending upon which cart was a better match.
if one had a late 2008 phantom i and got the titanium arm tube would be equivalent to the phantom ii?
I have both the ceramic and titanium armwands. Having a hum issue with the ceramic, I tryed the titanium with my Allaerts Finish VLOMC and it is totaly silent, more refined and precise. The older ceramic is also heavier 3,5 grams wich adds effective mass to the tonearm . Azimuth is more parallel with Titanium. The armtube is thinner and looks more delicate, but rigidity it increased wich is a good sonic improvement. So I advise the use of this new titanium armwand for very low output cartridges, the Phantom will make them shine like aurora borealises !

How can you tell the difference between the Ceramic & Titanium?? especially what you only have the one.

Reason for my question is that Bob said he was making the series 2 for as little while before he officially changed to series 2.
Based on my serial number he thought mine was series 2, but I would like to know either way.

I bought both armwands in march not knowing there was a new model, so I didn't realise until recently when i had a failure with one of them that they where different. So I asked Bob and he answered me that the thinner (6mm diameter) is the new titanium. The older ceramic is 8 mm diameter.
Jloveys said, "Azimuth is more parallel with Titanium."

I don't see why you would think the arm wand material would make a difference with azimuth. The material would have nothing at all to do with proper azimuth. I'm sure the titanium wand is more susceptable to ringing than ceramic so it may not be as neutral as non-ringing ceramic, if that makes sense. In the end it does come down to which flavor you prefer which was already mentioned earlier in the thread.
Sorry, I was not clear, by azymuth I want to say that the headshell platform is parallel to bearing platform making magneglide markings in front of each other when azymuth is right. With the ceramic the marks are way out and main bearing is not straight.
"I have both the ceramic and titanium armwands. Having a hum issue with the ceramic, I tryed the titanium ... and it is totaly silent, more refined and precise."

I don't think a hum issue is related to whether the arm is ceramic or titanium.
I just glanced at this thread, and so thought I better set the record straight (no pun this time)... The titanium is a little smaller in diameter, and is even stiffer than the ceramic, but without the danger of breaking if dropped. This version of the armtube made it's way into Phantom "I" production, but just barely (maybe 20 or 30 units)...
The real Model II is identified by the "Phantom II" printed on the wand, and also includes a slightly revised headshell which gives better energy damping. Also, the new titanium tubes, being metal, serve as an electrical shield, something that the ceramic coudn't do.

And to answer "Frank sm" message, BOTH the ceramic and titanium tubes are damped, so ringing is not the reason for the clarity. It has to do entirely with increased stiffness and even BETTER damping in this design.

For the record (pun, this time): anyone who knows us or our design philosophy, knows we NEVER go for the exciting or thumpy just to get attention. Once the signal leaves the cartridge/tonearm, the die is cast, and no other amount of tweaking is going to cure brightness, whumpy bass, or a resonant-induced soundstage that is wider than was originally in the reacord groove. Neutrality, and freedom from ringing or other resonant nasties (however much they may grab your attention), is always the goal with us...

Bob: thanks for your clear input. Confirms that the Phantom 2 is a major upgrade over the 1 . I was lucky to have one of the few Titanium "1" produced and it is already superior than the ceramic. So the new Phantom 2 must be a worthwile upgrade. Electrical shielding and energy damping are of prime importance in a tonearm, making better an already wonderful product.
Difference between Phantom 1 and 2 other than armwand ?