Graham Phantom and VPI TNT/HRX: Bliss?

I want to solicit comments from those AudioGon denizens who have a VPI TNT or HRX, are using the super platter and ring clamp, and run a Graham Phantom. You know who you are.

Here are my questions:

1. Is there synergy in this tonearm/TT combo?

2. What cartridge(s) do you use? Opinions?

3. Did you need to go with the 10" Phantom arm wand to provide sufficient clearance between the ring clamp and the Phantom base OR were you able to effectively install a Phantom with the standard length arm wand?

4. What type of vibration control do you use for your rig, if any?

I have a lowly scout and I have it on top of six Gingko balls that are on a Maple slab that's on brass cones.