graham mount for lenco idler wheel tt

I bought my lenco turntable on audiogon and it came with the good reliable rb700 rega arm. I was thinking of upgrading the arm to a graham phanton II and was wondering what would be the best way to make/purchase a graham mount for the lenco. Do I need to contact Graham? I hear that is a real slow process? My lenco came with an extra armboard but unfortunately it was made for a decca arm? I know the SME armboard works with the Graham but heard its not ideal right? In any event don't have that armboard either.

I really like the Lenco with my Ortofon A90 Cartridge and my dartzeel phono so would prefer not to sell the Lenco although a used Basis Turntable with a Graham arm looks tempting too.

Any thoughts? help?


SOME Graham arms use the SME mount [mine does] but most don't. It is possible that one of the non-SME mounts might fit using the present board. Check the arm length chart at Vinyl Engine or other sites.