Graham LS5/9 vs Harbeth M30.2 and SHL5 Plus

Has anyone compared the current version of the Graham LS5/9 to the Harbeth M30.2 or SHL5+? I might have the opportunity of picking up the Graham.

I’ve done some reading and reception is mixed, as usual. Some say the LS5/9 sound warm while some say the treble is a little hot or harsh. Does the ls5/9 have better clarity and refinement than the Harbeth? Do they sound more exciting than the safe or boring presentation of the Harbeth?

Any thoughts on the difference in sound quality would be appreciated.


I do not know what the Harbeths sound like in a comparison. But I did get some time listening to the G.A. LS5/9 vs Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphenes in a side by side listening session. The LS5/9 were more involving with music. Not degrading the Pulsars which were transparent and pure sounding. Just the Grahams got me listening and enjoying the music. The next person might pick the JA speakers. I liken listening to speakers like trying on shoes. You will know when you find the right one as it feels just right. Sorry I have no magic answer but good luck in your search and try to listen to both. 

People swear by both. I would take the Pulsars over either.

My rating order:




All 3 are good choices though.

To me the LS5/9s are the most boring.

All said I own Fritz Carerra 7 BEs.


Don't forget in very much the same vein the Spendor Classic 1/2.  This is a close contender and might even be your best bet.

modern grahams are known to have brighter voicing than current harbeths... about the same as current gen classic series spendors

some upper graham models do provide tweeter attenuation though, which may help those who seek a more natural balance in frequency response

I prefer the Graham 5/9, I heard the 30.1 at a dealer thinking it would be my forever speaker, but really did not like them, felt they were projecting the sound too much in upper midband, I listen in near field position.

Took a chance on the 5/9 and must say I really love the way they sound. It is the original BBC sound, the Harbet’s are voiced slightly more modern.