Graham ls5/9 vs Harbeth M30.1

I'm looking to Graham.
Can someone tell the difference beetween the Two??

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A bit difficult to answer, I audition the 30.1 in a store, but bought the Graham Audio LS 5/9 unheard! 
I like the Graham’s better, hearing the Harbeths in the store was a revelation, but also too much of everything, well the midrange.
I find the Graham’s to be more balanced, they let you look into the recording, while the Harbeth project the sound more towards you, especially the midrange, which I found to be a bit too much, this is just my opinion and if you are able to hear both, you maybe will have totally different impression.
One thing for sure these 5/9s I expect to keep for the rest of my life, they are that good.
I'm not able to hear both
I tryed in a shop Graham and i liked ItCan i ask which amp do you use whith It?
I use a solid state amp 100w powerful, but a bit lean and I also use an other solid state that has tubes in the pre amp section, about 150w it is more sweet sounding, but could have some more detail.
The plan is to get me a better amp, been looking at Accuphase, Luxman and PS Audio.
my sister and i demoed both with her dealer in Michigan.  both lovely but the Graham blew us away.

they were set up with NAIM electronics.

But is is right compare It with 30.1??
Or is better compare with shl5+ ??
Good question, have not heard any other Harbeth speaker
but maybe the Graham sits between the two!
I felt that the Graham had deeper bass than the 30.1
But I heard the 30.1 in an unfamiliar room, and not a good room at that. 
I listen mostly near field to nullify the room as best, but can not be 100% sure if the bass would be better in my living room.
The reason I like the Graham better, is not the bass, but the difference in the midrange region.
I dont think you can go wrong with either speaker, if you like their sound signature they will provide you with many staggering listening experiences. Enjoy your music, whichever one you chose.

The plan is to get me a better amp, been looking at Accuphase, Luxman and PS Audio.

If you are looking into Accuphase, go for the E470 over the E600 - I have Graham LS5/9 and Devore O/96. I run the very efficient Devore with the E600 and it is a perfect match; the LS5/9 sound good but I feel they would benefit from more power. I feel the E470 would match much better; the E270 may even work. Tonality wise the LS5/9 should work wonderfully with the Accuphase. 
But is is right compare It with 30.1??
Or is better compare with shl5+ ??

The following review has a comparison of Harbeth 7ES3 to the Grahams:
Graham LS5/9 review 

While I did not hear the Graham side by side to Harbeths I think the review does an accurate job describing the differences and aligns with my impressions
Absolute sound reviewed the Grahams recently.

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May I ask which dealer?
David Michael Audio in Royal Oak, MI.
Really good guys!
I heard the Grahams up there in Michigan, too. Heard the 40.2 and the LS5/9... the Grahams did have that boost around the 5 to 6khz region that is mentioned in one of the reviews—and mentioned as a purposeful design aspect. This def made the speakers seem more detailed and with more presence. Acoustic guitar had a more close-up and in the room feel. But I wondered if that sorta signal boost there would get to someone over time. 
Jriggy, yes. my measurements showed a peak exactly at 5-6 khz.
to my ears, that made the graham bit tiresome to listen to and eventually bothersome 

my measurements also showed a BBC 4db dip between 1.7khz to 3khz.

I still liked the graham ls5/9, but the shl5plus are more align with my preference. but I could have been very happy with the graham as well