Graham IC-70 Tonearm Cable Matching Cable

I just picked up a Graham IC-70 Tonearm Cable and as it will go into a Lehmann Black Cube SE Phono I was wondering how important it would be to get a matching RCA-RCA between the Lehmann Black Cube and the Arcam AVR 600 Amp.

(TT/Clearaudio Innovation)
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I have used a Graham IC-70 for years running into a separate phono stage. I have used several different brands of interconnects (K-Works, Kubala Sosna Emotion, Basis) from the phono stage to the preamp, and have had no real mismatch problems. I don't believe you really need to use anything other than the interconnects you're currently using in your system, assuming you're happy with them.
Hi, I have to agree with RC Prince... +1
Thanks for the input.Its good to know.